Friday, April 30, 2010

A fun day

My friend came for lunch and to place an order for a necklace and clip on earrings. We had great fun going through all the beads to see which ones she wants.

She chose a black and multi-faceted black Czech Firepolish beads in 8mm size. It should look smashing once I get it all done. She also brought some of her outfits so that we could base the colours on what she wears. We are both satisfied with the choice she made and I will start the work in a day or so. A while back, I redesigned a lovely Elephant necklace for her so we took some photos of it too which you can see on my jewellery blog.

We also had a great time staging some of my previous designs for my jewelry blog and my Facebook Jewelry page. I have uploaded the photos onto the blog at Become a fan if you would like to on either the Facebook page or the blogspot.

She had some creative ideas to showcase the work.

All in all, we had a lovely time together. I do love to entertain friends!

Facebook Seville's Handcrafted Jewelry

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!

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