Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some of my newest jewellery designs

Gold plated chain with long Czech firepolish beads
Georgeous Peridot flower with matching peridot crystals on a silver plated chain. Very elegant.

Cord with Czech Firepolish crystals and orange stone with wirework.

Nickle Free earwires - two different styles of earrings.

My fingers are busy this week not only with ironing summer clothing but with creating last minute breathtaking designs for my upcoming jewellery party!
Next week, I shall concentrate on baking and cooking for the party so will not be doing any more designs.
All in all, I believe that I have lots of different choices for people to consider and that each one would make a nice gift for themselves or for those they cherish.
For a change, I put them on my regular blog, as some people read this blog and don't read the jewellery one.
Have a good day.

I will be selling them at my upcoming party.

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