Saturday, April 29, 2017

A nice event at the Hamilton Public Library

I had hopes to be on time for 12 noon, but I got an unexpected visitor which delayed my arrival time.

The good thing is that I arrived in time to here poet Jennifer Tan read her last poem which was well received.

It was a combined event, poetry (April is poetry month) and music which was lovely.

Both performers did well and I am sorry I missed most of the poet's work due to my unexpected visitor.

The singer-songwriter performer was Laura Keating at

She also has a facebook page at laura keating- musician - You Tube.

Our library system puts on many interesting events and most, if not all, are free to the public.

After the event, my friend Jennifer and I went to Toby's for lunch and then wandered around in the mall just to see the different stores and what they offer.

Today I am taking a break from going out and puttering around at home, trying to rearrange the kitchen to make it easier to use.  I like my new fridge, it is definitely smaller than the one I had before but still very nice.  I think it would be called an apartment size fridge.  I have a friend who has one exactly the same and she and her husband use it for storing beverages from what I understand.  It is enough for one person but definitely not enough space for a family.

Have a good day and enjoy your day.

Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Saturday afternoon April 15

I started working on transferring my clothes from winter to summer.  Got all the summer ones out but still have to wash some of the winter ones so i can put them away once my machine is either fixed or replaced.  I really miss having my washing machine!

I bet me doing this a little earlier than usual, will cause a big snow storm, joke, joke.

I wanted to go to the library also this afternoon and managed to return three books and take out four more!  I just love the library and am so lucky I can get there so easily.

When I was in the mall, I bumped into Carmelita, then Sandy who spoke about my "Doors" poem to me as she still remembered it all these  years later and she urged me to come back to the poetry group sessions. I may go back in September.  She told me I was a prolific writer and she enjoys my work and misses me not being there which is very kind of her.

I treated myself to lunch at Toby`s and brought half of it home for tomorrow`s lunch.  

After I had crossed the street, i  saw Joe who is legally blind, look very uncertain so I went up to him and asked him if he needed a hand.  It turned out that he wanted to cross the very busy street so I took him across the street and chatted with him letting him know that I remembered him from my time in the Villa.  He was absolutely delighted to hear that I knew him.

we had a lovely chat for a few minutes and then I wenyt back across the street and home. H e never knew that he had been in grave danger once before and I had written a poem anout it which was performed at Central Library a few years back.   I had also contacted the Hamilton Street Railway and my city councillor re the danger to blind people and how near he had come to putting his own life to an end but also the life of those workers who were gathered around an open manhole.  I  got some results to as the bus drivers were trained once again on how to communicate with blind people or hearing impaired people.

All in all, a very productive day.  I will work another day on getting my winter clothing away and gradually ironing my summer things.

Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

9th of April

Feeling more like myself now.  Still contageous but by Tuesday I should be fine to be around people again.

I continue to downsize even when unwell.  So much good stuff to pass on to others who will, I hope, be happy to have it.

I am  feeling overwhelmed right now as I go into the little storage area in the apartment.  I am trying to do piece by piece but things are all jumbled up in there and I am no longer strong enough to shift things by myself.

I just hate to ask for help but I may need to.

Will take a little break right now and eat lunch and then try again to shift some of the things and put them for the donation pile.

Thanks for dropping by and wish me luck.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

April 8th, 2017 - sick again

This is getting a little too much. I will be glad when the winter is over and I can get out more in the sunshine and fresh air.

This is my third bout of Norwalk virus this winter and each time it seems to last a little bit longer.  Thus far, it has lasted six days and today I am feeling quite abit better but not very strong.

I am steralizing everything with Javex and water that I touch to kill the virus so hopefully that will help.

I had to cancel my doctor's appointment as I was too contageous to go into her office full of sick people!

She is only in the office each Friday so will have to make another appointment.

Still waiting (now four weeks) for the cat scan at St. Joe's, but have done everything that the doctor has asked me to do so now it is just a waiting game to get the scan and the results and see a specialist and then go from there.

We will get a second opinion and if necessary I will have an operation but I am not fussy about that at all.

This getting older sure is not for the weak of heart!

So many dear friends have been praying for me specifically over the last few months and I do believe God answers prayer.

As a matter of fact, I am now able to eat almost like normal again and actually enjoy the food, my energy level is still low but is improving and my spirits remain high which is of the utmost importance.

My pastor wanted to come and visit me this week but I asked her not to as I did not want her to get this virus.  I really enjoy her visits and we get along very well indeed.  She is about the age of my daughter.

I don'tthink there is much else new, haven't gone anywhere or seen anybody.  Did chat on the phone but am mostly resting, reading and watching Netflick at this time.

My dear cat is a wonderful cat and thankfully she is fine.  My son went to get me some fruit which I could tolerate which also was a big help and my daughter calls every day so I am indeed blessed.

Have a great day and keep well.