Friday, November 30, 2012

First real blast of winter

We Whitehern gals met today at the Baltimore House on King Williams.  It is just a few doors down from the Sky Dragon.  Grace picked me up as I did not know where it was.

We had a two and a half hour lunch.  The food and the ambience was great and as usual, we were a rowdy bunch!

I took a couple of pictures just to mark the occasion and also told them about the possibility of a jewellery party after the winter with a talent show.  They were very enthusiastic about that so I think I will plan for it.  I hope my friend Mary from Toronto can come and bring her clown act as well as my writer friends will share some of their great work.

It gives me plenty of time to make some beautiful designs.

The snow started to fall lightly as we were eating but it came down much heavier when we were ready to leave.  I decided to walk home as I wanted to go to the health food store to get some passionflower tea makings as that seems to help me to sleep.

I bought some to share for one of the gals at the Club to try out and will bring it when the weather breaks and it is not so slippery underfoot.

At one point, my cane was slipping on a slope and a young fellow I had talked to briefly outside of the restaurant happened to come along, and he offered me his arm and I took it.

I was most greatful for that support.  I find the walker much better for getting around as even if you fall, the fall will be broken somewhat with the walker.

In spite of the weather, it was a great time we gals had with lots of laughs and chuckles.

I liked the wait staff at the Baltimore and plan to go again at some point.  It is not accessible from what I can see though.  I could not bring my walker as there are stairs there.

All in all, a fantastic and happy day.

Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kitchener and Hamilton Christmas decorations

I went up to see the "kids" yesterday and took a whole suitcase full of presents for them.

It was easier to carry them all in a rolling suitcase.  Bill, my son-in-law, met me at the Kitchener bus station and we had lunch there at the station.

It was a very pleasant ride, through countryside from Hamilton to Kitchener, and took an hour and a half.  Both ways, the drivers were very pleasant and helpful. 

I look forward to my visits to Kitchener, not only to see the "kids" but to see the countryside and to see what is new in Kitchener.  It sure is growing!  I have always liked Kitchener.

When we arrived at Bill and Anna's place, I took some shots of the foyer in their lovely apartment building.  It is so well kept up and if I lived in Kitchener, I would not mind living there as it is very well maintained plus each unit has a balcony!

 A corner view.  They make it so cozy, don't they?

In spite of the fact that Anna had the flu and was resting mostly in bed, we had a good time.  I made them pots of rosemary tea and also another pot of fennel with clove tea and they loved both!

Bill brought me downtown again and waited for the 4:30 bus with me.  It was a lovely visit, short but good.

In the winter I prefer taking the earlier bus home so it is not too late to get into Hamilton.

When I got back to my building, I saw that Marcel and Robert, had finished the decorating in this place.  They are true artists!

Here are some shots.

Part of the foyer between the two buildings which make up the complex.
Our lovely Christmas tree decorated by Marcel and Robert

Our mirror in one of the entrance hall

It is so nice to see all the decorations up again.  I always look forward to seeing the festive look to our building.  We will be having a Christmas get together on the 9th which I shall look forward to.

Thanks for dropping by and come back again, should you have the time.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Valerie and Bob at the Club

We had a delightful afternoon and the afternoon just sped by.  We had so much in common which was great.

As usual, the staff were wonderful and it was a most enjoyable afternoon with good people.

Here are some shots.

Valerie and Bob

My hand must have shook - not a good shot of them

 In my favourite room in the club - 2nd floor.


Valerie and Bob enjoying their tea and light refreshments
We all had different types of teas

Valerie and I in front of the fire
I took them for a little tour of the club.  They admired the many fine pieces of art and the ambiance of the club. 

We talked on a variety of subjects which was nice and very enjoyable.

All in all, a fantastic afternoon!

Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A cane. slippery leaves and mud

Ah what a deceptive thing the sun can be as it shines through a pane of glass high up in the sky.  I was deceived by its warmth coming through to me as I worked around my small apartment.

Instead of putting a warmer hat,coat and boots on, I braved the elements in shoes, and a lighter coat and hat.When will I learn!

It was  a little wait for the No. 6 bus.  A young couple with their small baby was in the shelter.  The young man was sprawled on the seat with his two large feet up against the glass partition.  The young woman was at least seated more appropriately and they had their baby carriage in front of them.  Fortunately there was enough room for me to stand in the shelter as the wind was quite cold.

It is my guess that these young people might only be about 18 years of age if that!  I am amazed (in a negative way) about manners shown by the young.  In my youth, we had to stand up and give our seats to our elders. If our teachers came into our classroom, we had to stand for them as well.   It never hurt me to do that and it showed respect for our teachers and our elders.  Times sure have changed.

I have to say one good thing about them, they both paid attention to the child when she cried.  I was glad to see that. 

I stayed on the bus until we arrived at Princess Point and two  old fellows got off for a walk as well.

Here are some of the shots I took of familiar places.  November in Princess Point shows another side of it, doesn't it?

The entrance

Not much colour left

Bare trees and fallen leaves

It was quite chilly down there near the water but there were other brave souls out as well walking around.  Some even jogging.

A campfie which I have never noticed before. It was a little off the beaten trail.  I haven't sat around a campfire for so many years.  It is such a pleasant experience, especially if one sings and roasts marshmellows!

Some colour still
I found this a beautiful spot and enjoy it at all seasons except the winter, of course.

My special log where I sit, get ideas for poems and just enjoy nature

I took some more shots but am having trouble downloading them at this time.  This will give you an idea on how beautiful Princess Point is at any time of year.

Why did I title this little piece as I did?  You may well ask that question.  Some parts of the trail were muddy and filled with fallen leaves. My cane was a great help, but in some parts it was almost dangerous.  I did not go back the same way.  That is the reason for the title.  It was almost like walking on a slippery banana peel if you can imagine that.

Thanks for dropping by.  I hope you enjoyed your stay at Princess Point.  Hamilton has some wonderful places to visit.


It was an amazing bazaar.  The weather was fantastic and people came in droves.  I don't think I have ever seen so many people come out as I did yesterday.

We ran out of chicken schnitzel and potato salad.  Some of the workers did not get lunch because of that.  However, the main thing is that money is raised to help others, not that we eat.

My job is to pour coffee which I do every year.  I enjoy that as I love talking to people.

Some people speak to me in German, some in English which I find great.  It refreshes my mind to remember my German.  Unless one uses a language on a regular basis, I find that it is difficult to speak the language.  I saw an example of that at the Club on Thursday night.  Some visiters from France were there and the wife and I talked in French.  I had to really struggle to remember my French and did not do such a good job of it. 

I really liked them and she has taken my e-mail address so hopefully when they get back to France, we can communicate.  She also speaks Arabic as her parents are from two different Arabic speaking countries.

I often think it would have been a good thing if Esperanto had taken hold in the world and it would be a common language for all peoples.  Perhaps so many misunderstandings would not happen and the average people could communicate with each other.  In my opinion, it is not the average person who wants war.

Ah well, back to the bazaar.  The ladies work so hard and there are two men who help with the heavy things.  It was a success and the next one will be near Mother's Day.

Thanks for dropping by and come back again when you have the time.

Friday, November 16, 2012

A new finished poem

Friday, November 16, 2012

New poem from Wilma Seville

Misty Woods
By Wilma Seville

I brush against low branch
green leaves caress my cheek
its spindly trunk a contrast
among stately, rough barked trees.

I tramp along tree-lined path
carpeted with orangey/red leaves
which crackle under my feet.

Slender trees stretch towards heaven
their branches now stripped bare
reaching towards the sun.

My thoughts turn to the Creator
as I meander along the path
thinking how like other living things we are
stretching towards the light of God.

Smiling, I stoop down
Pick up red maple leaves
To make a fall wreath for my door
Happy to be one with nature.

(reponse to Janusz Wrobel’s Misty Woods)
Performed at Carnegie Gallery Nov. 4, 2012

Wilma Seville has been writing poetry since 2003. She enjoys writing about the many wonderful trails in and around the city of Hamilton, Ontario. Her work has been displayed on the ArtWalk in Dundas as well as performed at Carnegie Gallery. She also has had work in various local magazines and anthologies and a newspaper in Toronto. She writes articles and short stories as well. She is originally from Lachine, Quebec.



How Yah Doon? - Blogged

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I enjoyed it but it sure is hard on the eyes and the fingers to do it.

I used Tiger Tail and used crimp beads beside each larger bead.  On the ends, I used six small pearl-like beads.

I like the look of it.  From a distance it will look like just the beads are hanging in mid air. 

Have a good day and thanks for dropping in.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Nineteenth Annual Hamilton Literary Awards

This special event was held at Theater Aquarius in the Norman and Louise Haac Studio Theatre.  It is a cozy venue and the Theater Aquarius is easy to get to.

At 6:30 p.m., the evening began with people greeting each other and partaking of the delicious refreshments provided. Henry Strong and Warren Stirtzinger, both well known in Hamilton, played their music in the background adding to the sense of well being.

Here is a picture of Henry and Warren.

Warren (left) Henry (right)

More of a pose now - the other was a snap shot

I know both of these men from my club as they perform there every Thursday night and we have become quite friendly.  My friend Ed took a picture of the three of us together which I will post when I received it.
A suberb entertainer - Sara Weber had us chuckling away with her account of her childhood in Alabama and her move to Canada.  It was fantastic and something new for us this year.

Sarah Weber - Banter and Bluegrass

Robert Howard, a book editor at the Spectator, our local paper, was the Master of Ceremonies. 

Ron Howard - Master of Ceremonies

Opening remarks were also given by Stephanie Vegh, the Executive Director of the Hamilton Arts Council and by Stephen Near, Projects Manager. 

The sponors of this event were Upper James Toyota, Wolsak & Wynn,  A Different drummer books, Seraphim Editions, Bryan Prince Bookseller, Judy Marsales, The Bookworm, Reliable Life Insurance Company, Epic Books and Line Art Consulting.

Without the hard work of the Literary Arts Committee, Hamilton Arts Council and these sponors, the awards night could not have been held.

The winners of the awards are as follows:

Seraphim Editions Award for Individual Poem  - Marilyn Gear Pilling for her poem "Arancia Rossa"  It was presented by John Terpstra but the poet was out of the country at this time.

Epic Books Awards for Short Story FictionAmy Kenny for her story of "Chocolate Season".  Colette Kendall presented this award to her.

Line Art Consulting Award for Short Article Non-Fiction - J.S. Porter for his article called "Duras"  Rose Johnson  presented this.

Reliable Life Insurance Award for Children and Young Adult Fiction -  Deborah Ellis for her story "True Blue".  Presentked by Ron Ulrich.

Bryan Prince Bookseller Award for Poetry Book - Amanda Jernigan for her book Groundwork.  Presented by Barbara Milne.

Judy Marsales Real Estate Brokerage Award for Nonfiction Book - J.S.Porter, for his book "Lightness and Soul".

The Bookworm Award for Fiction Book - Ross Penny and although he was not able to be there that evening, it was accepted on his behalf .  Paul Takala presented the award.

Ron Howard brought the evening to an end with his closing remarks.

All in all, a great evening.  One not to be missed next year!

Some other shots:

Carmelita and I

Ed and Carmelita  - Ed was a nominee

 I took lots of shots but these are the only ones that turned out well enough to put on the blog.  The lighting in there was quite dim and I do not have a powerful camera.

Thanks for dropping by and come again when you have the time and the inclination.

Friday, November 9, 2012


I was just curious about how many people were looking at this blog so I checked the statistics and found that it had 22,185 pageviews.

To me, that is absolutely amazing.  This blog is about nothing in particular, just little things.  My other two blogs are about specifics, one is a writing and publishing blog which displays the work of writers that I know including myself on occasion.

The other one is about my handcrafted jewellery.  That reminds me, I will work on my medic alert necklace today as I want to make it a little more like a piece of jewellery.

I was thinking of adding some flat stone so that when I sleep, it will not bother me.  I will put a picture on the blog when I come up with a design.

One of my neighbours has asked me to repair one of her pieces of jewellery and I have said yes so that will keep my hand in.

I love designing just as I love writing.  I suspect one could say that I love creating!

I was chatting with my friend Svetlana in Holland via Skype.  The reception was fabulous and I could hear her well and see her.  She is such a lovely lady. When she was here visiting her grandmother the last time, I showed her how to make jewellery and she has become very involved in doing that.  I have showed both her and my daughter how to make jewellery and both seem to love creating jewellery.  It is a joy to share knowledge, isn't it?  I used to love it when my preschoolers in the school room would understand something and their little faces would light up.  English was not their first language and we had children from all ends of the earth in our class.  I miss the hugs!  I lived in Toronto at that time and as you most likely know, Toronto is a very large city with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. 

If only humans beings would remember that all of us have the same needs and live in harmony. In my opinion, if we look for the similarities of each other and accept our differences, this would make the world a better place for all people.

I just stopped to make myself a little pot of herbal tea so decided to take a picture and post it here.

I love the choice one has when it comes to herbal teas.  This one is made with a mixture of different flowers and berries.  Delicious!

herbal tea made from a variety of flowers
 Picture yourself here on this cold November day, gracefully sipping this delicious smelling tea. The smell wafting up to your nose and your mind, filling it with the wonders of nature's flowers and their scents.  Your sense of well being is magnified by the sound of classical music played softly in the background.

I thought you might enjoy seeing my Christmas cactus which has now started to flower.

Growing things is also such a pleasure for me. 
This little post has been odds and ends of things.  Hope you enjoyed your stay here and come back again when you have the time and the inclination.
I'm back again.  I just finished my new design for my medic alert necklace.

It makes a very long dangling necklace.  It can be worn inside a blouse or outside for show if you wish.
Thanks again for dropping by. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I invited a friend of mine for tea today and she was very impressed by the elegance of the club.  We stayed from 2 p.m. until almost 5 p.m.

I was able to give her a little tour of the place on the way out. 

As she liked it so much, I will try and invite her another time.

She doesn't mind being on a blog so here is some pictures I took of her.

Relaxing in the lounge

Posing by the fireplace

The winding staircase and Monique
 We had a very nice visit together.

Thanks for dropping by and come back another time if you wish.


My friend Jeff was kind enough to pick me up in his car to get to Dundas.  The buses on Sunday run only every hour.  I like Dundas very much and enjoy looking in the shops there. 

In Dundas, which is part of the larger Hamilton, parking is free on the streets on Sundays only so that made it perfect for guests and poets to park.

Carnegie Gallery has made many improvements and I like the new look.  It was a pleasure to read there.  It had a feeling of being light and airy which I particularly enjoyed.

I was quite amazed at the turn out and very pleased.  Many strangers were there and they seemed to enjoy the event.  What a pleasure to read one's work when it is appreciated!  I am sure that the other poets found that true as well.

My favourite artist was there - Janusz Wrobel and before I read my poem on his work, I asked him to stand up so that people would know who he was. I had spoken to him on the day I chose his picture to write on and he is a gentle, soft spoken person.
His wife also exhibits her work at Carnegie Gallery.  She does beautiful work with fabric and Jeff has written a poem about at least one of her exhibits in the past.

What a talented couple!

I could see Mr. Wrobel listening intently. His wonderful art work is called "Misty Woods" and so I titled my poem by the same name. It must wonderful if an artist knows that their work"talks" to a person.

My second poem was "Excuse Me Please" which is a poem about a true life situation which occurred in downtown Hamilton.  It had already been read on a Vancouver radio station a few months ago and several comments were made at that time.  One of the ladies, who is a professor, asked me to send it to her for her class and I did that yesterday.

This is the second time a professor had asked to share one of my poems with their students.  What an honour!

Refreshments were served and tea was supplied by a shop across the street which sells all kinds of teas.  I must pop in there next time I go to Dundas and see what she has for sale.

Here are some pictures from the event.

Jeff Seffinga

Misty Woods

me - taken by Jeff

I took many pictures of the poets but did not put them all on here.

All in all, a lovely and productive afternoon.  Thanks for dropping  by.