Sunday, May 31, 2015

An especially spiritually uplifting service today

Sixty years ago, St. John's came into existence in the down town Hamilton area.  It served German Lutherans who felt "at home" worshipping in their own language and with their own customs and traditions.  Many of the older members have been with the church since its very beginning.

Today, it is a mixed group of people from African to Chinese and, of course, people born into the second generation of German speaking people.  There continue to be services in German and English.

While it is predominately people from German speaking countries, it is a welcoming beacon of hope for newcomers to Hamilton and the country.

We will be sponsoring a Somali family (mother and children) who will arrive in Canada before too long.

The church was packed today to its full capacity with a visiting Pastor, Doug Reble, who is the Assistant to the Bishop, of the Eastern Synod who gave the sermon.  The choir and the brass band out did themselves.  After the service, everybody was invited to stay for refreshments which were piled high on the serving tables ensuring that nobody went away hungry!

Vegetable and fruit plates, cheese plates, various types of sandwiches, olives and pickles and, of course, the inevitable delicious tortes that the ladies make.

Next week will be another special event at Redeemer College where all the Hamilton Lutheran Churches will gather at 11 a.m. for a joint service and then for a meal.  Something to look forward to again.

It was a wonderful and happy occasion to meet and greet people from far away who returned for this event.

A most successful and uplifting Sunday.

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Monday, May 25, 2015


I was persuaded by a friend to come to Pier 8 and join them for the afternoon.  Well, that was a big mistake!

The No. 4 Bayfront bus drops one off quite far from the hill which you need to go down to get to the waterfront.  I suspect they are not using the nearest stop (which still is quite far) due to construction.  I thought I would never get there!  The No. 20 A-line bus only runs on the week days and is a very limited service.

I have determined to wait either for the No. 20 or better yet, until they put the shuttle bus on for the summer months.  It run every half hour which is fine.  It also takes you right to Pier 8.

I find it a little boring there as well.  I prefer to be in nature, rather than man made pavement with fences so that people don't fall into Lake Ontario.  It is a nice place for young people as they have a roller blading rink now and you can get fast food if you don't want to carry your own from home.  I mostly carry my own from home as that is more economical and this way I use my tiffin and it is easy to carry.

The walk back up that hill, the three of us did together.  Sami has his electric wheelchair so he was all right but my friend Mohammad and I had to walk.  It was a tiring.  The driver had a problem with loading Sami onto her bus as there was a big garbage bin where it shouldn't have been.  She was not a happy camper which I can understand.

The day was fine though, a little bit cloudy but that suits me better than too sunny.

That is my rant for today!  Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Busy but nice day

I was up at 4:30 a.m. and happily for me, I was able to go to Bibles & Bagels ladies group today at 9 a.m.  I just love going there and am so happy when I am able to go.

It was very rewarding and a good sharing time with the ladies.

After that, it was the memorial service for Lindsey Holton at the Club.  So many people came from all walks of life.  He was a very well liked person.  Family members spoke about him and people wrote nice cards telling the family of their memory of him as well.

As usual, the club had delicious food to eat and although they served wine, I had my usual water.

Got home about 4:30 and heard music in the park so went out to investigate.  It was lovely singing and the weather was just right.  It was a religious group who did mostly singing.  I thoroughly enjoyed it although it might have been better if they turned the sound down a little bit as I saw one of the ladies from my building come over and speak to one of the organizers about the sound level.

Every summer we have the same problem - it is just too loud.  I did enjoy it very much though.

I had some sad news today, one of my friends had to go to emergency this morning and another friend just had cancer confirmed and will need an operation.

I could not believe that the hospital did not keep my friend in at least overnight but they sent her home with the promise of a nurse to come in each day to treat the problem.

They don't seem to be able to get to the bottom of the problem - it has been going on for a long time but with no solution.

As you can imagine, I am deeply concerned for both of my dear friends and will hold them up in prayer.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

First Visit to Princess Point this season

My friend Sarah and I went to Princess Point and enjoyed it very much.  The weather was delightful and there was plenty of people on the trails but they were not crowded which makes it very nice.

She had never been before so it was a real eye opener for her to see this very beautiful spot in Hamilton.

Here are some shots.

A small view of the water

Some lovely wispy trees

A flowering tree near another bend in the lake

A pretty place to sit - there is a log to sit on.

The water here is not very appealing but the surrounding are lovely.

We were there about 3 hours I think and needed to take the 6:15 bus as after that it runs only once an hour.

It was a lovely, peaceful afternoon.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

From memory to reality

An old friend came to visit his niece and I here in Hamilton. I haven't seen him for about 15 years at least and his niece hasn't seen him for about 20 so I guess he was trying to kill two birds with one stone by combining the short visit. We used to work together on a committe in Toronto and that is how we  originally met.

I took him to my club for lunch and we had a very nice time.  He had wanted a picture of him and I together at the Club so our server took it, and she did a real good job.

We took it to a local photo shop and he had it made into a 5 x 7 picture.  It turned out very nicely.

The rest of his time was spent with his niece and then he was off to Toronto to visit some more friends.

It was so good to see this old friend and to catch up on all his news.

I enjoyed this whirlwind visit.  It is a 4 1/2 hour bus and train ride for him to come so I appreciate his effort to see us.

Here is a picture.

Wilma & Muhammad - old friends

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Seventy-two thousand dollars raised at Mohawk College Gala

What a wonderful event it was!  It was based on a western theme and people could wear western style types of clothing.Thus, I saw men in plaid shirts with Stetson hats, women with bandanas wrapped around their necks and many variations  of "western style dress."

I did not have western style clothing (read that as a cowboy hat)  so Kelly brought several for our table.  I wore one until dinner arrived.  Here is a shot.

Cowgirl Willie

The pledge card

Photos from the life of Mohawk College

Cowgirl Willie and new friend Nisha

Kelly's family.  What a great bunch they are.

Kelly picked me up at 4:30 and we made very good time as it was a Saturday and traffic was light.  GPS is so wonderful, it took us right to the very spot we needed to go!

Kelly was one of the organizers so I wondered around taking lots of snapshots of the room and outside.  Here are some.

In the foyer

In the foyer

An interesting piece of equipment

One of the many set tables for the gala

Items to bid on

The bandshell 
Since everything was so well organized by Linda and her family and of course, by Kelly, I was not needed to help with anything.  I wandered outside and viewed the wedding party which was going on just before the Mohawk event.  The ladies dresses were out of this world. Fantastic! I wish I could find such beautiful dresses in plus size in Hamilton.

 A very nice older lady sat down beside me on the bench and we started to talk.  Her dress was gorgeous and suited her lovely dark skin.  A very gracious lady.

I was talking to one of the flower girls and she was as cute as a button and looked adoreable in her fancy dress with a little parasol.

I digress, as usual, here are some shots of the garden at Michaelangelos.

One of the many flowers planted in pots

A statue on the grounds
A little outside sitting area

Some little flowers poking their heads above the ground!

A distance shot of an evergreen tree

A close up of an evergreen tree

The band was very good and people were dancing and enjoying themselves.  It was great to see how friendly and outgoing people were, especially at my table.

After 10 p.m., I began to feel quite tired, so Greg took me home which was very gracious of him.  I believe the party continued on for quite some time after I left.

A big success, in my opinion.

Friday, May 1, 2015

A beautiful day but not so beautiful customer service!

I had forgotten to renew my seniors pass at the Go Transit building on Hunter Street and just remembered this morning so went right away to do it.

The price remains the same - $205 unlimited travel for one year which is a very good deal for seniors.

It gives me freedom for one year although I don't use it to its fullest as many times I can walk to where I want to go.

There were only a few people lined up, perhaps four or five at the most.  One blond lady was looking after a senior who was having some difficulty to understand I think but she was patient and helpful to him.

The other lady finished with a customer, continued typing on her computer without looking up and I stood there next in line, waiting patiently for her to finish what she was typing. Finally she finished and I went over.  I was met with a scowl, a tone of voice which was not friendly at all, and in general, I felt like a nuisance.  I bought the seniors pass but she did not put a new sticker on it for the upcoming year and I saw it as I left and went back to her and questioned it.

"It's just a sticker", was her very impatient answer.  Each year they always put stickers on so the drivers know you have paid.

I made sure that I put the receipt in with my metropass in case there is a problem.  Her attitude was very off putting and I shall be glad not to see her again until next year if she still is there

I had thought about calling customer Service of H.S.R., but have given her the benefit of the doubt, that perhaps she was just having a bad day.  If it happens the same next year with the same woman, I shall indeed call customer service.  I feel sorry for the people who have to deal with her today as I am sure she will still have the same attitude for the rest of the day.

Some people should not deal with people and I suspect she may be one of them!

Thanks for dropping by.