Monday, May 25, 2015


I was persuaded by a friend to come to Pier 8 and join them for the afternoon.  Well, that was a big mistake!

The No. 4 Bayfront bus drops one off quite far from the hill which you need to go down to get to the waterfront.  I suspect they are not using the nearest stop (which still is quite far) due to construction.  I thought I would never get there!  The No. 20 A-line bus only runs on the week days and is a very limited service.

I have determined to wait either for the No. 20 or better yet, until they put the shuttle bus on for the summer months.  It run every half hour which is fine.  It also takes you right to Pier 8.

I find it a little boring there as well.  I prefer to be in nature, rather than man made pavement with fences so that people don't fall into Lake Ontario.  It is a nice place for young people as they have a roller blading rink now and you can get fast food if you don't want to carry your own from home.  I mostly carry my own from home as that is more economical and this way I use my tiffin and it is easy to carry.

The walk back up that hill, the three of us did together.  Sami has his electric wheelchair so he was all right but my friend Mohammad and I had to walk.  It was a tiring.  The driver had a problem with loading Sami onto her bus as there was a big garbage bin where it shouldn't have been.  She was not a happy camper which I can understand.

The day was fine though, a little bit cloudy but that suits me better than too sunny.

That is my rant for today!  Thanks for dropping by.


Martha Jette said...

So sorry you had so much trouble with the buses, Wilma and I have to agree with you about the fact that the place has been sanitized of nature to the point where there is really not much to enjoy. As well, on hot days the sun just about bakes you!

Wilma Seville said...

Yes Martha, I wish there was more "wild life" there and definitely more trees! I much prefer Princess Point. I will be happy to see the little bus come back to take people down there at the end of June as I have met so many people who like to spend time by the water and the little bus is complimentary. I am thankful for the waterfront!