Friday, May 1, 2015

A beautiful day but not so beautiful customer service!

I had forgotten to renew my seniors pass at the Go Transit building on Hunter Street and just remembered this morning so went right away to do it.

The price remains the same - $205 unlimited travel for one year which is a very good deal for seniors.

It gives me freedom for one year although I don't use it to its fullest as many times I can walk to where I want to go.

There were only a few people lined up, perhaps four or five at the most.  One blond lady was looking after a senior who was having some difficulty to understand I think but she was patient and helpful to him.

The other lady finished with a customer, continued typing on her computer without looking up and I stood there next in line, waiting patiently for her to finish what she was typing. Finally she finished and I went over.  I was met with a scowl, a tone of voice which was not friendly at all, and in general, I felt like a nuisance.  I bought the seniors pass but she did not put a new sticker on it for the upcoming year and I saw it as I left and went back to her and questioned it.

"It's just a sticker", was her very impatient answer.  Each year they always put stickers on so the drivers know you have paid.

I made sure that I put the receipt in with my metropass in case there is a problem.  Her attitude was very off putting and I shall be glad not to see her again until next year if she still is there

I had thought about calling customer Service of H.S.R., but have given her the benefit of the doubt, that perhaps she was just having a bad day.  If it happens the same next year with the same woman, I shall indeed call customer service.  I feel sorry for the people who have to deal with her today as I am sure she will still have the same attitude for the rest of the day.

Some people should not deal with people and I suspect she may be one of them!

Thanks for dropping by.

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