Sunday, May 25, 2014

Princess Point - first visit after a long winter

The day was perfect for a visit to one of my most favourite spots in all of Hamilton.  Princess Point is run by the Royal Botanical Gardens to the best of my knowledge.

The city bus goes right into the park and one could spend a whole day there with a picnic basket and a good book.

It was wonderful to hear the birds singing their little hearts out.  It was extra special to me as I heard them very clearly with my new hearing aids.

I met a lady I knew casually and she was with three other ladies and we all had a most pleasant chat together while watching the water and the many birds.

They had a picnic basket and a blanket with them which is so lovely to see especially after such a hard winter.

Here are some shots.

A beautiful sitting area near the water

A side view

From the same spot

Our little friend who was not afraid of us one bit

folks on the water

Another bird friend

What a treat it was to be there this afternoon and to have made some new acquaintances. I hope to see the ladies again.  They were lovely people.

I was trying to add some more pictures of the entrance of the park, but am having difficulty doing that.  

Have a good day and thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Wouldn't it be nice?

Yesterday was a strange kind of day for me.  It was the day (2 p.m.) when I would get my new hearing aids.  I was looking forward to it so much as I hate not being able to hear people speaking to me or missing much of what is said in a group setting.

I walked up to Hunter where the Canadian Hearing Society has their office.  I remembered my water for my walker basket and I hid my purse within the plastic bag I use in it.  I found a short cut which made it easier to get there.  A big smile on my face, I entered the building with its big buttons to press to open the doors.  Both doors whined open  with a high pitch sound as I charged through them.

My walker and I fit nicely into the tiny elevator and they have labelled the companies working there so there is no mistake where one goes.  I had to wait a few minutes (I was early) for Shanni to see me.  Everything was going along perfectly.  She tested the aids while in my ears and I could hear the different ranges of sound which was wonderful. The new ones even have an antenna to pull them out.  I felt like ET!  I also practised putting in the batteries.  They are much easier than the old ones.

Things started to go awry when I realized that I had forgotten my doctor's letter and I had to go home to get it.  I trotted home, picked up the letter and searched for my old hearing aids as Shanni needed to check something on them.  Tossing things too and fro, I looked for the darn things but could not spend any more time.  The main thing was that I had the doctor's letter so I went back.  Then it was time to pay my share of it.  I used interac and we put the full amount in and it was refused.  As you can imagine, I was astonished as I knew that I had the money safely in my account.  Shanni told me that it might be above the limit that I am allowed to take out per day, so we tried $1,000 and that worked.

On Monday I will bring her a cheque for the remaining amount of money owed plus the old hearing aids for her to look at.

Just as I was digging for my keys to get into the main door at home, I saw a lady I knew slightly and she let me in. Right behind her was Andrew.  Imagine my surprise as I was not aware Andrew was coming today.

I was exhausted from all this running around so I went upstairs and tried to rest when there was a buzz from downstairs asking me if I wanted a visitor. When I opened my door, three people stepped in for a short visit.  It was Andrew, Rahel and the little one. It was good to see them  Little Lydia likes the cat but Boots sees her and hides under the bed!  It really is funny to see.

That morning, I had turned out drawers of my jewellery work and was in the midst of sorting things out and organizing it better, so obviously the place was not ready for company.  However, people come first in my book and we are close friends so I was glad to welcome them.

I will work on fixing up the jewellery making things today and go grocery shopping but in general, I hope to rest.  I tire very easily now which does not suit me at all!

Wouldn't it be nice if one remembered everything one needed to have with them?  Wouldn't it be nice if things ran smoothly all the time?

Ah, but that would be in a perfect world, and that is not where we live......

Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Our adventure went very well

I now know how to get to Burlington and return to Hamilton.  We had a wonderful bus driver and he was kind enough to drop us off in front of the retirement residence.

We had a fantastic visit with good food and lots of laughs.  The bus runs every 15 minutes which is really good service.  We had to cross a busy highway (Plains Road West) to get the bus back to Hamilton.  That was a little nerve racking to say the least.  Burlington Gardens is lovely, we were able to sit outside and enjoy fresh air although later on it got a little chilly.

On the return home, I asked where the driver can drop us in Hamilton and she said her stop is King & James and then near Macdonalds outside Jackson's Square.   The King and James one suited me just fine.

It suited the gals as well as they could get the Hamilton city buses easily from there.

Mohammad gave us some seniors Burlington tickets which was great of him so we were all prepared for the outing.

All in all, a lovely way to spend a good time with friends in a pleasant atmosphere.

Thanks for dropping by.

Private development still on table for former church

Private development still on table for former church

Adventure Day today

Today we are invited to visit Grace and Gary in their new home in Burlington.  Being the practical type that I am, I decided to check out the various ways to get there.  At first we all were going to take the Go Bus with our friend Bryan who knows Burlington but he is unable to go now.

At that stage, I realized that none of us know where we are actually going so I did some research the other day. It is most fortunate that I did that. I found out that if we take the Go Bus, the cost for seniors is $3.25 each way.  It only takes us to Aldershot Train Station, and from there we must pay another $3.25 to get onto a Burlington city bus.

I also found out that there is a Burlington bus No. 1 which comes into Hamilton and we can get that near the McDonald's outside of Jackson Square.  Thus, we will take this bus rather than paying two fares.  Mohammad said we have to make sure that it is not an express bus and we should ask before getting on.  I have been delegated to do this by the gals.

As a back up, I found out that a taxi would cost approximately $24 one way.   I also typed up the address we are going to, our host's phone number, the bus telephone lines from both companies, and a Burlington taxi number so I think I have covered all the bases.

Mohammad gave us some Burlington tickets which saved us a lot of money. It was extremely kind of him to do that.

It is my hope that all this preparation will pay off.   None of us have been to Grace's before.  

If you hear of four older ladies wandering around in the wilds of Burlington, please try not to laugh.  It just may happen!  

Wish us luck!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What a splendid event it was

It was our annual Mother/Daughter event at church.  I was asked to open in prayer and we had Pastor Daniela as the guest speaker.  She did well, talked about Mary, the mother of Jesus.

We had the usual rhyming poems, hymns, birthday wishes for those born in this month but no business events as it was a fun evening.  We had many guests from other Lutheran churches come and had to put up two more tables.

The Hostess Committee outdid themselves with the refreshment - many tortes, cheesecake, and the list of choices were endless.  It is our last meeting for this season but the group is going to Cambridge for an outing in June.  In June the church picnic will be held as well and the ladies provide sweets to buy on that occasion.

I always sit at the back as I like to have an overview of things.  I was joined by some young people (almost teenagers) and some much younger women than me.  We had a good time chatting and laughing.  Kathy invited me to go with them in the car so I would not have to be out on the street by myself late at night.  It was a wonderful event.

Today, I have to go up to the hospital for some tests which I have been promising my doctor to do for about three months now.  This is my only free day this working week.

Tomorrow a bunch of us gals are going out on the bus to Burlington to visit Grace and Gary.  We are nervous about this as we have never taken the route before and the fellow who was supposed to be going with us, had to give a lecture so we are on our own.  Fortunately I called the Go Transit yesterday to find out how to do it.  It is quite complicated.  One takes the #18 Aldershot bus to the train station, then there takes a Burlington bus to their place.  The Go bus fare is $3.25 (senior fare) one way plus we will need to find out how much the Burlington bus fare is.

I found out that the Burlington bus fare is $3.25 as well.  However, the best news is that there is a Burlington No. 1 bus which picks up passengers outside of Jackson's Square.  I hope the girls will agree to take this much simpler way.

Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

It is turning out to be a sunny day now

I am thinking of going down to the waterfront and walking around.  A friend of mine in a scooter may come as well.

It is a holiday weekend here in Canada (Victoria Day Weekend)  and tomorrow most things will be shut down.  I went to do some grocery shopping yesterday and it was crowded.

There will be fireworks in various parts of Hamilton.  I can see some of the ones at the waterfront from my window.

I hope that many people were able to get away and camp but it is still not overly warm out so perhaps it is too early yet for that.

I used to love camping.  I can just visualize it in my mind, opening the tent flap, stepping outside onto the dew covered ground, making coffee on the camp stove and sitting in the quietness which surrounds one.  Sunset and sunrise were my favourite times - not too many people up at sunset which just suited me fine.

The peace and solitude were wonderful before other campers got up and sometimes I would see an inquisitive rabbit poking its nose out from the surrounding forest.  I liked the friendliness of the other campers in the camp ground as well and filling up the water container at a communal well afforded other opportunities to chat with people.

All great memories to have, the sun setting on a peaceful lake, its calmness imparting tranquillity to all that took the time to just sit and watch.

Such blessings we have all around us.

Thanks for dropping by.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Cooking up a storm today!

I am in my economical mode again and decided to make a casserole dish to last for a few days of things I have at hand.

I made some noodles and also some Chinese noodles, steamed some vegetables (corn and peas), fried up onions, sweet red peppers and garlic, steamed some raisins, cut up some cheese chunks I had, fried up some breadcrumbs from a loaf of bread that was getting stale and I think that is all that is in it.

I could put a tin of canned chicken or tuna fish, but it is filling enough for me right now.

I had a bowl of it for lunch and I am stuffed and very satisfied.  I used some spices of course, but I do not over spice.

This afternoon I am meeting a friend in a local mall for a chat and then I suspect that will be it for today!

I only have two books left from the library so want to borrow some more as the library is closed on Monday.

Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The last few days

Lately I have been hibernating with my nose in a large print book.  I can spend hours just reading and enjoying my home and its peacefulness.  I do go out though at some point just to get some fresh air.

I've been to the market for fresh fruits and vegetables, the library many times to get more books and to people watch, the mall just to do some walking around and yesterday, a friend of mine invited me to lunch at the Club.

We had a delightful time and we have know each other for about 11 years now. She is my neighbour in the building and it was she who introduced me to the existence of the club. After lunch, we sat near the fireplace and just relaxed and chatted.  It was nice to just linger and not have to do anything immediately.  I love the peacefulness of the club and the staff and I have met some very nice people there.

Today I plan to stay home, listen to a book on tape called Infidel by Ahyaan Hirsi Ali.  I have been listening to it on and off, but still prefer to read a book myself.  It is about a Somali woman and her experiences growing up in an Islamic society.  It is 14 CD's and I have had to renew it with the library and will probably need to renew it again.

Tonight, of course, is Martini Night and some of my friends are back now so we will all get together and be back to our normal routine.

It has been a restful time lately.  I have several things to look forward to, a visit to Princess Point with my student, a concert by the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra and in general, more outdoor time now that the weather is improving.  I can hardly wait to sit by the water again with my bottle of water or herbal tea and a sandwich to munch on while I watch the ducks float by, competing for water space with the motorboats and sail boats.  Soon the special bus will start (in July) as well as the concerts and Whitehern (in July).  Much to look forward to.

I am so blessed to live in a smaller city where it is easy to get close to the water, easy to get what one needs and to have so many beautiful spots to enjoy nature.

I hope you have a good day and thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day plan and bake sale

What a great time it was.  Six of my friends came to this event and they enjoyed themselves.  My job is always to pour coffee and tea.  We had a small problem this year with the coffee urn, it did not work properly so we had to replace it.  Fortunately they had another one in the kitchen.

In spite of that, all went well.  The menu was chicken schnitzel on a bun with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles and mayonnaise.    Unlimited cups of coffee or tea was included in the $6.00 price.
A slice of torte was about $3.50. There were so many choices available that it was difficult to choose which one to sample.  These are not just small pieces of cake but a good size!

The plant table had a fairly good selection but not as much as they normally have.  They had a small table with some beautiful teacups for sale as well.  Also, one of the members of the ladies group was selling little hand made scrubbers and they went over very well.  They are so cute and work very well.

My friend Jennifer offered to take me to Westdale Library as it was Tower Poetry's Annual General Meeting after the Bake and plant sale.  While we were there, we both picked up some DVD's to watch.  Fortunately, one can return the DVD's to any library. The bus service out to Westdale is very poor, especially now that the students have all gone home.  I had to wait at least 25 minutes to get a return bus home.

I do love Westdale as it is such a quiet area and there are some lovely homes out that way. It always reminds me of the area where I grew up in.

For the rest of the evening I just rested and read my book as I felt exhausted.

Today was Mother's Day and Kenny invited me out to lunch.  We had some quality time together.  We went to a nearby restaurant.

I had thought about going down to the waterfront and he offered to drop me off there but eating such a big meal made me sleepy so I came home.

All in all, a nice weekend.  We bumped into Carmen and Wally as we were leaving the mall which was nice.

Have a great day.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Saturday Evening dinner at the Club

My friends Wally and Carmen and I all went to my club for dinner.  It was very enjoyable and we stayed about 2 1/2 hours, chatting and relaxing.

They love coming there and we are trying to make it a once a year occurrence.

Here are some shots from Saturday night.
Waldemar - looking right at home!

Carmen and Wally - friends for more than 11 years now.

The three of us before the fireplace

It was a grand occasion and we caught up on so many things and had quality time together.

We plan to go to Paris, Ontario in the summer so that I can visit with a life-long friend who moved there a couple of years ago.  Just a day trip which will suit me just fine.  I have been wanting to see my friend Maureen for several years now but there is no bus route to there from here.

Thanks for dropping by and come again when you have the time.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Beating the Taboo of Abuse: Lama Younis

Beating the Taboo of Abuse: Lama Younis: A children’s rights activist and the first Saudi female forensic psychologist and criminologist in the GCC, Lama Younis is the founder of Hissah Enrichment Center in Dubai. The center is unique in