Sunday, May 18, 2014

It is turning out to be a sunny day now

I am thinking of going down to the waterfront and walking around.  A friend of mine in a scooter may come as well.

It is a holiday weekend here in Canada (Victoria Day Weekend)  and tomorrow most things will be shut down.  I went to do some grocery shopping yesterday and it was crowded.

There will be fireworks in various parts of Hamilton.  I can see some of the ones at the waterfront from my window.

I hope that many people were able to get away and camp but it is still not overly warm out so perhaps it is too early yet for that.

I used to love camping.  I can just visualize it in my mind, opening the tent flap, stepping outside onto the dew covered ground, making coffee on the camp stove and sitting in the quietness which surrounds one.  Sunset and sunrise were my favourite times - not too many people up at sunset which just suited me fine.

The peace and solitude were wonderful before other campers got up and sometimes I would see an inquisitive rabbit poking its nose out from the surrounding forest.  I liked the friendliness of the other campers in the camp ground as well and filling up the water container at a communal well afforded other opportunities to chat with people.

All great memories to have, the sun setting on a peaceful lake, its calmness imparting tranquillity to all that took the time to just sit and watch.

Such blessings we have all around us.

Thanks for dropping by.

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