Thursday, May 22, 2014

Adventure Day today

Today we are invited to visit Grace and Gary in their new home in Burlington.  Being the practical type that I am, I decided to check out the various ways to get there.  At first we all were going to take the Go Bus with our friend Bryan who knows Burlington but he is unable to go now.

At that stage, I realized that none of us know where we are actually going so I did some research the other day. It is most fortunate that I did that. I found out that if we take the Go Bus, the cost for seniors is $3.25 each way.  It only takes us to Aldershot Train Station, and from there we must pay another $3.25 to get onto a Burlington city bus.

I also found out that there is a Burlington bus No. 1 which comes into Hamilton and we can get that near the McDonald's outside of Jackson Square.  Thus, we will take this bus rather than paying two fares.  Mohammad said we have to make sure that it is not an express bus and we should ask before getting on.  I have been delegated to do this by the gals.

As a back up, I found out that a taxi would cost approximately $24 one way.   I also typed up the address we are going to, our host's phone number, the bus telephone lines from both companies, and a Burlington taxi number so I think I have covered all the bases.

Mohammad gave us some Burlington tickets which saved us a lot of money. It was extremely kind of him to do that.

It is my hope that all this preparation will pay off.   None of us have been to Grace's before.  

If you hear of four older ladies wandering around in the wilds of Burlington, please try not to laugh.  It just may happen!  

Wish us luck!

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