Sunday, May 25, 2014

Princess Point - first visit after a long winter

The day was perfect for a visit to one of my most favourite spots in all of Hamilton.  Princess Point is run by the Royal Botanical Gardens to the best of my knowledge.

The city bus goes right into the park and one could spend a whole day there with a picnic basket and a good book.

It was wonderful to hear the birds singing their little hearts out.  It was extra special to me as I heard them very clearly with my new hearing aids.

I met a lady I knew casually and she was with three other ladies and we all had a most pleasant chat together while watching the water and the many birds.

They had a picnic basket and a blanket with them which is so lovely to see especially after such a hard winter.

Here are some shots.

A beautiful sitting area near the water

A side view

From the same spot

Our little friend who was not afraid of us one bit

folks on the water

Another bird friend

What a treat it was to be there this afternoon and to have made some new acquaintances. I hope to see the ladies again.  They were lovely people.

I was trying to add some more pictures of the entrance of the park, but am having difficulty doing that.  

Have a good day and thanks for dropping by.

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