Thursday, February 28, 2013

Forgotten article

I had sent in an article a few years ago to the Eastern Synod Lutheran newspaper about the similarities of Judaism,Christianity and Islam and have today found out that it has been accepted for publication for the Easter Edition.

It will also be  published in a secular newspaper here in Hamilton, I believe this month, and has been published several years ago in a Muslim newspaper.  It was originally a talk I gave to a ladies group here in Hamilton which was quite well received.

It has always been my aim to unite people and show common grounds in order to build solid relationships and understanding between peoples.

All newspapers have a large circulation so that it will reach many people and hopefully will build bridges between communities and faith groups.

Speaking of faith groups, tomorrow is the World Day of Prayer and the downtown churches will be having their service at the Anglican cathedral on James North. It starts at 12:15 but we organizers have to be there much earlier.  As always, I will be taking part in it. I am very comfortable doing that as public speaking is easy for me.

This has been a very busy week for me but very productive.  I must remember to remind some friends of it.

Thanks for dropping by and have a terrific day!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunday, Monday.....

Monday has arrived and it is a dull day outside again.  A perfect day to spend inside working on jewellery, reading, and catching up on phone calls.

I seem to always have something to do, whether it is my daily housekeeping duties, keeping in touch with much older people in Toronto and the hours fly by and it is time for bed.

I really have no idea how I had time to work all those years!

I have observed though, that as one ages, one's energy level goes down as well. Ah well, I am thankful that I am able to do as much as I do and hope that my health will allow me to carry on as I am now.

Yesterday was a traumatic day, one of my Toronto friends called me about a terrible situation her granddaughter is in.  Without going into any details, drugs and gangs are involved in this girl's life and she is on a downward path.  In some small way, I was able to share some of my knowledge to get some help for the Grandmother.  The girl is over 21 and she has to want help.

I also spent two hours with a friend showing them around the building and the apartment that Andrew is renting out.  It looks like he will take it.  It would be nice if he did.

I took him down to the storage area but we could not get back out, nor could we get into the storage area itself.  For some unknown reason, my fob did not open the storage room and even the door to get back out of the area.  It opened the door to get into the main area so it is working.  I have not been down there for years and years.  If I had been there by myself, it would have been terrible as it is so isolated and nobody ever goes there.

My young friend is a problem solver so he tried every door and we finally found one that would take us to the garage.  From there, I knew how to get to the back yard fortunately.

I will speak to the Superintendents today about that.

I need to go out today to get some food for Boots - he has a little left but I like to have plenty on hand just in case  winter storms come up and I cannot get out.

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday - a dull looking day

Ah, where is the sunshine today?  Has it hidden behind a cloud, waiting to surprise us?  Alas, it does not appear that there is even a tiny ray of sunshine available for today.

The grey weather seems to match my feelings at the moment but that will change.

Once I get busy, do some tidying up, and get organized for the day, things will be better.

Today, here in Ontario, it is a cheaper time to wash clothing so that will be on my agenda.  I do miss throwing in a load of clothing at any time but I do try and conserve energy.

My friend Norm may come and take some pictures of my jewellery for my jewellery blog and also for Shoplocket.    Speaking of jewellery, the order for a ring has arrived in Toronto and it fits the lady perfectly and she just loves it.  I am so pleased about that.  She thinks it is beautiful.  My daughter Anna also received her jewellery in Kitchener and loves it.  I made her some scarf pins and a ring as well.

I still have to fill an order for Bahrain but have lots of time to do that.

Now onto other things.  I had such a lovely time at my club on Friday - had a wonderful lunch and then read the papers for several hours.  I am so glad that I joined this club as I have made some new friends and have a place to hang out.  It is something I look forward to.  Four of my friends will be going away to warmer climates for a month and I shall miss them.  However, it will be good to hear all about their adventures when they return.  One of the gals went with another friend to Vietnam and Cambodia and it was fascinating to hear what she had to say.

I don't think there is anything else new - the winter seems to take a toll on people when it drags on.......

Thanks for dropping by and have a good day.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jeff's birthday celebration

Today we gals took Jeff out for his birthday to the Harvest Moon restaurant on James North.

It was a very enjoyable meal and time that we spent together.  The gals had bought a cake and we sang happy birthday to him.

We spent about two hours there and I think that everybody enjoyed the time spent together.

Thanks for dropping by.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A lovely belated Valentine's party

Today was our ladies group at St.John's. The tables were set with white cloths adorned with cherry red  swatches of material.  Pink and white carnations were set squarely in the center underneath a white doily.  At each place setting, there was a card with a positive saying on it and a chocolate kiss. It looked very festive.

Our topic today was about love and friendship, with poetry and readings.  People were able to share some of their experiences of friendship if they wished to. I spoke up about my friendship of 40 years with my Danish friend in Toronto and how a misunderstanding could have spoiled it.

It was my friend's 93 birthday at the end of January and I completely forgot it.  Never intentionally, of course, but I only remembered it a few days ago in the middle of February as I was crossing a busy street..

As you can imagine, I felt terrible as we have been very close friends for forty years.  As soon as I got back home, I called her and apologized.  Here is where the misunderstanding could have ruined everything.  She thought that I was angry with her for not inviting me to her home for her birthday celebration.  It is the usual people, very small but so nice.  She thought I was upset as I was not invited.  I need to stay overnight and it is now too much for her limited strength to have a guest.

I, on the other hand, was feeling so badly about forgetting her birthday and here she was, thinking something quite different.

Thankfully I called her and we had a long and fulfilling chat and everything is totally cleared up.

It could have turned out so differently if I had not called.  It is so easy for us humans to fail each other and to be a true friend is to care for the person, call or visit  them and be there for them in good times or bad times.  Friends are so important for each one of us.

I think women are so fortunate.  Sisterhood is very strong and women may not see each other for a long period of time, but when they talk, it is as if it was yesterday and another bond is formed further strengthening the friendship.

I guess men build relationships other ways, football games, fishing, and other forms of male bonding.  I have seen so many men in their later years so alone, as their life companion has passed away and some men do not have a single friend.

In my view, it is very important to have a good relationship with your mate and also to have strong friendships with both couples and singles.

Friendship, after all, is a strong bond which grows with each passing year.  To have a friend, one must be a friend, as it is a two way street.

On that note, thanks for dropping by and have a good day.

I'm still here - but not posting much

For the last little while, I have done no writing at all.  I have lost interest in attending literary events as well as writing.  That is so unlike me.  I think the long winter has something to do with it and the cold weather.  I do not feel depressed though.  I am looking forward to different events and the Spring coming.

Due to ice underfoot and the danger of slipping,falling and breaking bones, I have spent more time indoors than usual.

I am spending my time productively though, making beautiful, handcrafted jewellery for my upcoming show near the end of April.

I also pop into my club fairly often as it is so close to me and I always find a warm welcome there. Joining the Hamilton Club was an excellent decision and I am making some very good friends there.  In fact, one of the friends, Thanh invited me and several others from the club and elsewhere to a lovely function at Redeemer College on Saturday night.  I had never been to Redeemer College/University and had always wondered what it was like.  Thanh was so kind to invite me and to pick me up and bring me home again.  The University is in Ancaster and very far from downtown.

Very modern, very clean look and friendly young people from the time I spent there.  The concert itself was a high energy event - modern black gospel music and monologues.  The energy this young folk had was incredible!

Redeemer College/University is of the Christian Reform Church tradition from what I understand and is an accredited learning institution.  People can live in the dorms and I noticed that there is a grocery store on the premises.

  Diane and Dave from the Club also came as Thanh's guests plus two other fellows, one of which I had met for the first time.

I also have been to two AGM's for two different churches and enjoyed a chili lunch at one of them and submarine sandwiches at another.

I have been doing some things as you can see, but not as much as I usually do.  I hope to get back into writing again soon and getting out more as the weather improves.

Thanks for dropping by.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Wrapped stone

Wrapped stone: Rose-quartz stone . This gorgeous light pink stone is wrapped elegantly with olive green and bass wire. It can hang from your own chain (bail is within the design) or a chain of either black or antique copper which can be purchased in 20" or longer. Price for chain is extra.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pendant without chain

Pendant without chain: This brass wire pendant has two gorgeous Swarovski crystals within the design. Use your own chain to save money.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Stone pendant wirewrapped

Stone pendant wirewrapped: This spectacular wrapped river stone is wrapped in gold and silver plated wire. Amber beads shimmer, giving the stone a warm glow. It comes with a 20" chain either in silver plate or gold plate - your choice. Not only does this tasteful design stand on its own, but in addition, it comes with a one paragraph poem especially written to celebrate its creation. A must have for nature lovers.