Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A lovely belated Valentine's party

Today was our ladies group at St.John's. The tables were set with white cloths adorned with cherry red  swatches of material.  Pink and white carnations were set squarely in the center underneath a white doily.  At each place setting, there was a card with a positive saying on it and a chocolate kiss. It looked very festive.

Our topic today was about love and friendship, with poetry and readings.  People were able to share some of their experiences of friendship if they wished to. I spoke up about my friendship of 40 years with my Danish friend in Toronto and how a misunderstanding could have spoiled it.

It was my friend's 93 birthday at the end of January and I completely forgot it.  Never intentionally, of course, but I only remembered it a few days ago in the middle of February as I was crossing a busy street..

As you can imagine, I felt terrible as we have been very close friends for forty years.  As soon as I got back home, I called her and apologized.  Here is where the misunderstanding could have ruined everything.  She thought that I was angry with her for not inviting me to her home for her birthday celebration.  It is the usual people, very small but so nice.  She thought I was upset as I was not invited.  I need to stay overnight and it is now too much for her limited strength to have a guest.

I, on the other hand, was feeling so badly about forgetting her birthday and here she was, thinking something quite different.

Thankfully I called her and we had a long and fulfilling chat and everything is totally cleared up.

It could have turned out so differently if I had not called.  It is so easy for us humans to fail each other and to be a true friend is to care for the person, call or visit  them and be there for them in good times or bad times.  Friends are so important for each one of us.

I think women are so fortunate.  Sisterhood is very strong and women may not see each other for a long period of time, but when they talk, it is as if it was yesterday and another bond is formed further strengthening the friendship.

I guess men build relationships other ways, football games, fishing, and other forms of male bonding.  I have seen so many men in their later years so alone, as their life companion has passed away and some men do not have a single friend.

In my view, it is very important to have a good relationship with your mate and also to have strong friendships with both couples and singles.

Friendship, after all, is a strong bond which grows with each passing year.  To have a friend, one must be a friend, as it is a two way street.

On that note, thanks for dropping by and have a good day.

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