Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'm still here - but not posting much

For the last little while, I have done no writing at all.  I have lost interest in attending literary events as well as writing.  That is so unlike me.  I think the long winter has something to do with it and the cold weather.  I do not feel depressed though.  I am looking forward to different events and the Spring coming.

Due to ice underfoot and the danger of slipping,falling and breaking bones, I have spent more time indoors than usual.

I am spending my time productively though, making beautiful, handcrafted jewellery for my upcoming show near the end of April.

I also pop into my club fairly often as it is so close to me and I always find a warm welcome there. Joining the Hamilton Club was an excellent decision and I am making some very good friends there.  In fact, one of the friends, Thanh invited me and several others from the club and elsewhere to a lovely function at Redeemer College on Saturday night.  I had never been to Redeemer College/University and had always wondered what it was like.  Thanh was so kind to invite me and to pick me up and bring me home again.  The University is in Ancaster and very far from downtown.

Very modern, very clean look and friendly young people from the time I spent there.  The concert itself was a high energy event - modern black gospel music and monologues.  The energy this young folk had was incredible!

Redeemer College/University is of the Christian Reform Church tradition from what I understand and is an accredited learning institution.  People can live in the dorms and I noticed that there is a grocery store on the premises.

  Diane and Dave from the Club also came as Thanh's guests plus two other fellows, one of which I had met for the first time.

I also have been to two AGM's for two different churches and enjoyed a chili lunch at one of them and submarine sandwiches at another.

I have been doing some things as you can see, but not as much as I usually do.  I hope to get back into writing again soon and getting out more as the weather improves.

Thanks for dropping by.

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