Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Have been taking a little break

The reason for that is, of course, to regain my health and get back onto the right path.  The minor stroke I had on Sept. 17th was a warning as far as I am concerned.  I tend to be too busy and doing things rather than sitting and relaxing and just "being".

I received really good care at St. Joe's here in Hamilton and I must say that they have been the most thorough of all the hospitals I have been in because of strokes.  That includes both Toronto and Hamilton hospitals.

Before I was allowed to leave the hospital emergency, they made an appointment with the Rapid Assessment Department.  Within a very short period of time I got an appointment.  In this department I saw a nurse practitioner, an occupational therapist, a dietician, and a social worker. I think there was one more person involved as well but I don't remember what their function was.  They were all lovely and kind people.  The doctor there sent me for an MRI while I was there.

The dear social worker wanted to arrange home care for me but I don't need it at this time.  She said I could call CCAC (Community Care Access) and I would qualify for home care.

My next appointment was with the Stroke Prevention Clinic at the Fontbonne Building.  I had a lovely young intern called Sultan and he was so kind to me as was the nurse I saw first.  Young doctor Sultan (his first name) conferred with the head doctor on his routine findings and then the head doctor came in to see me.  A very good system -training the young doctors to get experience with hands on and yet overseen by the more experienced doctor. The older doctor has a Sri Lanken name and he was so gentle.  He told me that they found something else in their tests and I needed further tests to deal with that. I will be going shortly to have these tests done.

He also told me to call my family doctor and cardiologist and make an appointment sooner rather than later.

It has been a very interesting time and a mostly positive experience except for the stroke itself when I had some real difficulty being on my own.  It would have been better if people were around at that time but dear old Boots did not know how to help me!

I only missed two sessions with my ESL student, one of which she missed as it was Eid and this worked out very well for me as I still was not quite back to normal.

There are a few upcoming events on the poetry side.  This weekend there is a free poetry reading at 2 p.m. at the Carnegie Gallery and my student may come as she lives in Dundas.  To begin the event, there is a guided tour of the art and the poetry and the guides will read the poems out loud to the walkers.  That part starts at 1 p.m.  The readings will start at 2 p.m. indoors.  I hope it will be a nice weekend.  I may try and go for 1 p.m. so I can take the tour.

In the fall in Canada, here are lots of nice things going on.  Church bazaars, poetry readings, and nice nature walks in the beautiful spots in Hamilton which are so many!

Thanks for dropping by and have a good day.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ninety people have looked at the blog

I am so pleased with the result of putting some information on my blog about the Lutheran sweater drive which is going on right now to obtain sweaters for Syrian refugees.

There has been 90 people look at it since I put it on a few days ago.  I also put it on Facebook and some friends are taking up the cause and collecting in their areas.

The power of communication can be used for good or evil. In this case, it is used for good to help people.

Well done friends!

"Brighten the corner where you are" is an old Sunday School hymn which has touched me and guided me all the years I have lived.  It is so true.  If each one of us does even a little bit, what a nicer and happier place this earth would be.  Love is stronger than hate, a smile will bring hope and make somebody's day, a hand up may save the life of a person in despair.  We all can do something.

This sweater drive just shows what good people are capable of, even though they will never meet the folks who will benefit from the sweaters, but they are participating in an action which will improve the condition of hurting people.

.Thanks for dropping by. Have a great and productive day.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

Thanksgiving Monday

My friend Sami and I went to Princess Point.  Mohammad was unable to go as he had plans to go to Burlington.

We took the Aberdeen #6 bus and it got us there in no time.  It was Sami's first time to see this wonderful spot and he had never been in that area either so it was nice for him.

With his electric wheelchair, he was able to go on most of the rougher terrain which was wonderful. There was only one spot he could not go because of the roots of the tree.

He brought a lovely picnic lunch and we enjoyed  it at the waterfront.  He is a very good cook!

It was a wonderful afternoon.  He is a nice man.  He was so delighted to find this wonderful place and plans to go on is own some other time now that he knows how to go.

Some pictures.....


A beautiful spot on the rugged side of the trail

Peaceful and quiet

The more rugged side of the trail
Another lovely shot

On the paved side

A lovely spot, near where we had a picnic

Full of scenic spots on the rugged side of the trail particularly

The beauty of nature

Loved the tree and the water together

It was a nice way to spend Thanksgiving Monday - enjoying a picnic lunch with a friend and lovely warm fall weather.  I did not even need my jacket!

Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Visit from Saba, Imaan and Isa

What a marvellous time we had!  The weather cooperated, the children were fantastic in their behaviour and it was so wonderful to be back in touch with my old friend Saba after 11 years of separation due to moving cities and even moving countries.   I moved cities and she moved countries.

I had only seen Isa, who is now 11 years old, as a tiny baby, and never met Imaan at all.  What a pleasure it was for me to spend time with the whole family.  Unfortunately, their Dad is out of the country right now so he could not be with us.

The children were absolutely excited about going on the city bus as they usually get driven everywhere.  Saba remarked on how polite everybody was on the bus and she was very taken with how very nice the drivers were.

They enjoyed the scenic route that the Aberdeen bus took and remarked on how pretty some of the houses were.  This was her first visit to Hamilton and she was very taken with the city.

Princess Point was our destination for the day so I bought a bus day pass and we went all over the place.  Princess Point first, then up to Sam Lawerance Park to take picture, then on to Limeridge Mall for supper.  It was so exciting for the children and both Saba and I enjoyed it as well.

I was asked not to put the children's pictures on Facebook so of course, I respected the mother's wish and did not do so.  Thus, here you will also only see nature pictures from this time.

What a wonderful day.

The leaf and the caterpillar

Add caption

The children were fascinated by the wild life there

A lady bug

The same caterpillar

Taken from the Sam Lawrence park on the mountain

Saba also noticed the difference between the mountain and the lower city and remarked on that.  She also noticed that it was cooler on the mountain.

We are hoping that we can have a sleepover at some point in December so that the children can see the holiday decorations and the little train.

Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Toronto Address for sweater collection


We are located 3 blocks north of Sheppard Avenue on Don Mills Road.

Contact Information

2800 Don Mills Rd
North York ON M2J 3B6
Phone:(416) 493-1435
Fax:(416) 493-1435
Pastor:Rev Peter Lisinski

I have been advised that this Toronto Lutheran  church will gladly take your gently used or new winter sweaters for the Syrian refugees.  

It is always best to call them first to see when you can drop off your donations.

Time is passing very rapidly and the cut off date of the end of October is well on its way.  This is why I am using all available means to me, Facebook, telephone and blogging to get this worthy cause before people's eyes in order that they can help.

Thank you for dropping by and if you are in the Toronto area, please consider helping.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Drop off contact in Mississauga, Ontario

With her permission, I am posting this short note to let people know who to call re dropping off sweaters in the Mississauga area.

It is essential to call first so somebody can be there to receive the sweaters.

Pastor Susan Climo


Some Home Hardware Stores will also receive sweaters so check your local Home Hardware to see if they can receive your new or gently used sweaters for the Syrian refugees in the camps.

I am still trying to find out any drop off points for Toronto and will post it when I find out.

Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sweater Drive for Syrian refugees

I am so proud of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church here in Hamilton, who is donating two bags of sweaters towards this noble effort put on by the Lutheran Church.

I also would like to mention that I know a young mother here in Hamilton who is herself a newcomer to Canada and she will bring some sweaters from her four children which are gently used.  I have another young mother in Mississauga who is donating sweaters as well.  May God reward them for their generosity.  My club is also going to ask the staff if they have any sweaters that they could spare. Unfortunately, in the rules of the club, no soliciting of members is allowed.  I know that there are many generous souls there and they are very active in helping others by fund raising, working in a hospice, running etc. etc.  I may privately speak to people that I know if I think they may be able to help.

Thus far, from my end of this endeavour, friends who are Christian and Muslim have banded together to assist people in the refugee camps.

Together we can overcome adversity and show love and kindness to suffering people, no matter where they live in this hurting world.

Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Optimistic Me to We Cultural Organization Gala

The gloomy, dull weather outside was a sharp contrast to the many happy faces inside the Crystal Banquet Hall in Scarborough, Ontario on October 5th.

Three hundred people were in attendance.  Families with small children, elders with their grown up children and grandchildren as well as people from other cultures such as Egypt, Pakistan and Bangladesh were present.

Mr. Deputy Mayor of Markham, Mr. Heath, and City Councillors Chiu, Ho and Shore were there representing Markham.

Representatives from two school boards, Toronto District School Board and York Region District School Board were present and gave short speeches.

Mr. Shi, Xiaoguang from the Chinese Consulate of the People's Republic of China in Toronto attended and spoke to the assembled guests at this  proud moment of thanksgiving for the first year anniversary of Optimistic Me to We Cultural Organization and the publication of their book, for which I was the English editor and  Xiao Bu Sun was the Chinese editor.

Naiwang Sung, a retired ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher with the Toronto District School Board, started this group and in a short period of time (one year) it has blossomed into a centre to serve the needs of Chinese speaking seniors in Markham, Ontario.

It was well covered by the Chinese media which included Fairchild TV, WOW T.V. and Ming Pao Daily News.

Naiwang Sung - organizer and leading light!

The buffet tables were filled to the brim with scrumptious food and guests took full advantage of this delicious meal.  The wait staff were very attentive and everything was very clean and attractive.

The programme commenced with all standing and  singing" Oh Canada" which delighted me as we don't sing our national anthem enough in my opinion.

Many greetings were sent by by dignitaries such as the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper,  and many Members of the Provincial Parliament and Councillors from Municipal governments.

There are just too many people to mention in this short article who participated in this well run programme.

Representative of China's consulate - Mr. Shi,Xiaoguang

Some of the authors in the book - the gentleman beside me is in his 98th year and he wrote a story too!
group picture

Naiwang Sung and unknown gentleman

The youngest performer - so cute

There was a solo by Helen He and a very good male singer whose name I did not catch, a fashion show, ballroom dancing, two different choirs, the Red Fan dance, role play in English, a piano played by Abraham Chen and lucky draws.

Dance group

Mrs. Zhuy Liu - accordian player

Ms. Helen He -        Soloist


Abraham Chen


Wilma Seville - English Editor and Naiwang Sung - Organizer

Wilma Seville giving speech, Niwang Sung translating into Mandarin

A beautiful choir

Young people performing

Role playing on travelling to Canada

Dance group

Youth volunteers being recognized by their school principal


Red Fan Dance

Spanish Dance

Fashion Show

Ballroom dancig

Fashion show

Fashion Show -  Mr. Li, Shiju was the M.C. for many performances

I cannot adequately express what a wonderful occasion this was and how much happiness it brought to so many people.  I was honoured to be invited.

I wish this group every success in their second year and onward.

Picture taken by Mimmy Song

Picture taken by Mimmy Song

Picture taken by Mimmy Song

Picture taken by Mimmy Song

Picture taken by Mimmy Song

Picture Taken by Mimmy Song

Picture taken by Mimmy Song