Monday, October 14, 2013

Thanksgiving Monday

My friend Sami and I went to Princess Point.  Mohammad was unable to go as he had plans to go to Burlington.

We took the Aberdeen #6 bus and it got us there in no time.  It was Sami's first time to see this wonderful spot and he had never been in that area either so it was nice for him.

With his electric wheelchair, he was able to go on most of the rougher terrain which was wonderful. There was only one spot he could not go because of the roots of the tree.

He brought a lovely picnic lunch and we enjoyed  it at the waterfront.  He is a very good cook!

It was a wonderful afternoon.  He is a nice man.  He was so delighted to find this wonderful place and plans to go on is own some other time now that he knows how to go.

Some pictures.....


A beautiful spot on the rugged side of the trail

Peaceful and quiet

The more rugged side of the trail
Another lovely shot

On the paved side

A lovely spot, near where we had a picnic

Full of scenic spots on the rugged side of the trail particularly

The beauty of nature

Loved the tree and the water together

It was a nice way to spend Thanksgiving Monday - enjoying a picnic lunch with a friend and lovely warm fall weather.  I did not even need my jacket!

Thanks for dropping by.

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