Thursday, June 15, 2017

A lovely afternoon spent with friends from out of town

They arrived at 11:30 and we went over to the club for lunch.  They insisted on treating me which was very kind of them.  They really loved the club and understood why I like going there so much.

After our time at the club, I took them to Jackson Squae and the Farmer's Market.  Their town has a Farmer's Market as well but it is only open on Thursday and sometimes Saturday.

Mike was  very taken with all the lovely old buildings in downtown Hamilton and took lots of pictures with his camera on his phone.

They motored back to their home town and I laid down for about an hour and a half and rested as I felt very tired.

Here are some pictures from today.

A lovely tree, taken from the patio of the club

Thanks for dropping by.  I was glad for the cooler weather today and hope the extreme heat does not come back soon.  Much prefer the cooler type of weather.

Have a good day.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

An afternoon to remember

Jennifer and I in the dining room
Today I was invited out to dinner at my club by my friend Jennifer.  She met me at 12 noon and we visited here for a few minutes then walked over to the club for lunch.

Amanda buzzed us in even before I could get my card out to open the side door.  She must have been watching for us to arrive at the  accessible door.

We ate in the dining room and had a lovely visit as we enjoyed the scrumptious meal.

Here are some pictures of our meals.
Jennifer's meal - salmon and a salad

Sour cream &rasperry tart

We also had a lemon pie which was good but the picture did not turn out clear enough.

I had chosen the club burger which was delicious and it came with a small fruit salad which I also enjoyed.

We took some pictures in the dining room.

Me in the dining room

Jennifer in the dining room in front of the orchids

After we had enjoyed our dinner, we went up to the rooftop patio to sit outside and enjoy the nicer, cooler weather today.

A view of the well known Piggot Building complex from the rooftop patio.

Relaxing on the patio

Love this old tree - many of the buildings downtown are very old and very well kept up

It was a lovely afternoon  spent with a dear friend.

Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Where did the month of May go?

I find it hard to believe that it is now June 1st and I am happy to say that the sun is shining outside and hopefully it will stay that way for a while.

We had a lot of rain in May and that caused major flooding in parts of Hamilton such as Dundas.

I understand that people are still trying to repair the damages they suffered from all this rain.  Water can be beautiful in lakes and rivers, but it can be extremely disruptive when too much rain comes down.

I do wonder what the month of June will bring?

It is so great to see the greenery again and the many spring flowers that pop up everywhere even downtown!

I do have some really nice news to impart.  My friend Jeff took me up to Sleep Country in Ancaster and I purchased a mattress and box springs and it arrived yesterday morning.  The man who came into the apartment with it was a real nice gentleman.  He was kind enough to put the encasement onto the mattresses so that bedbugs if they ever came to this building would not be able to ruin my bed.  They cost a lot but a bed is a huge investment.  Last night I slept like I was sleeping on a cloud and it was so heavenly!

It is higher than my former bed of 17 years but I still manage to get in and out of it.

Gemma, the cat, has already claimed it as her own, so you can imagine that it will take some convincing to get her off it when it is time for bed!

I am happy to say that my sheets all fit it as well, as I stayed with the same bedframe (red) and the same size (twin or single - same thing).  The bedframe was still good and why not keep it?

What a real blessing it is to have a new and comfortable bed!

Thanks for dropping by and have a nice day.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

I'm back!

This is somewhat belated, but perhaps you may find it interesting.

After 3 1/2 months in the hospital, I finally have returned to my little nest.   This happened in the middle of September  2016.

I had tears in my eyes as I left St. Joe's Villa as they had been very good to me and looked after me very well and I had become very fond of the staff there.  My son picked me up and took me grocery shopping as everything would have gone bad in the fridge after all that time away from home.

It was great to be home but took a bit of adjusting to as I now was on my own except for the Occupation Therapist who was allowed only three visits.

I was not allowed under OHIP (our Ontario health system) to have a Practical Support Worker  come in to assist me in personal things which made life quite difficult for a few months until I was able to walk around better.  Of course, I could have hired somebody to come in but that would cost quite abit of money.    I still  remained in a wheelchair for one more month at home but thankfully, I am good again to use my walker and do everything myself.  The time of doing  this blog is now May 18th 2017 so it is just to catch up.

I completely forgot that I had this in my draft folder so here it is now.

Enjoy your day.


A gorgeous beautiful day today

How pleasant it is to look outside and see the sun shining, observe people walking the streets outside with only a light jacket or none at all.

It is the Victoria Day weekend and Monday will be a day off work for the working people.  I used to look forward so much to have that extra day just to relax instead of trying to rush doing housework and cooking for the family for the coming week, it actually gave me time just to relax and do nothing or to go somewhere nice!

Now that I am retired and happily so, my days seem to fly by even faster.  Of course it takes longer for me to get things done and one of my priorities is a clean and hopefully, tidy home.  I love my home and it is the place I go for comfort and stability when the world outside is going crazy.

I can close the door and listen to soothing classial music or religious music and my cares and worries melt away as if by the wave of  a magic wand.

I have always loved my home, which ever city it has been in and I am happy to see order in it and at the same time, a sense of peace and security.

I do remember when I lived on Gulliver in Toronto, I had a break and Enter happen and for at least a week, I was afraid to be there but gradually I was able to overcome this fear.  My insurance agent said to me that it was good none of us were home, as he had just come from a client who had surprised a burglar and he was badly beaten up and in the hospital.

I am grateful to live in a smaller city now and my stress level has definitely dropped since moving here fourteen years ago.  Unless I go back to my home town to live out my final years, I will remain here.  I love the trails, being by the water and just the availablility of things to purchase or places to go,  I also now have a group of very close friends here which is wonderful.

If I went back home to live, I don't speak enough French to use the services necessary as my cousin tells me that all the necessary services are in French only.  I also know only my cousin now and her family.  I am so happy, though, that I belong to a group from my former hometown and keep up the news and see so many pictures of the place. We have so many good photogrphers in that group.

I look forward to seeing them each day on Facebook.

Well, on that note, shall close for now.  I am invitd to my son's place for  belated Mother's Day celebration and he is cooking turkey.  He is a darn good cook!

Thanks for dropping by and have  good day.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

News from the Mother's Day Tea and Plant sale

It was a very pleasant day to have this yearly event. I walked over to the church with my walker and as it happened, met two of my friends who carried the walker downstairs for me.

This year, it was not so busy as in the past.  Perhaps people were already out in their gardens planting flowers and vegetables?  Who knows.  However, there still were plenty of people who came to enjoy this very worthwhile event.

Four of my close friends turned up and after I did my coffee pouring duty, I ate lunch with them and then Jennifer drove me home.

The food was wonderful and very filling. I brought half of the snitzel on a bun home.  The potato salad was excellent as well.  I treated myself to a lovely piece of cheese cake.  German baking is out of this world!

For $6.00, one had a very filling meal.  The desert and coffee were extra.  One dollar for a bottomless coffee, tea or herbal tea, and the slices of cakes varied in cost, but still nothing like restaurant prices!

I was glad that Jennifer drove me home, as I had only two hours of sleep and was dragging myself around because of that.

Alas, for me, again, I did not sleep that night as well, so I am dragging myself around, once again.

Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sunday May 7th visit to Dundurn Castle and Williams Coffee Pub at Pier 8

We were really fortunate that it was a brisk but nice day out.  No rain!  Jeff picked me up at the back door and we went to Dundurn Castle.  We could not find a parking spot so we parked on the street and walked in.  It was fine as I had my walker with me.

The lineups were unbelieveable.  We waited quite a few minutes in line as they could admit so many people at a time.  It was fortunate that I had my walker with me as I cannot stand for any length of time without a lot of pain.

Here are two pictures of Dundurn Castle.

Taken by me

Taken by Jeff Seffinga

Jeff''s picture is better.  

The lineups were really bad.  Here is a picture of that.

I was only able to stay on the ground floor.  Baby carriages had to be left in a certain area and the young children carried due to the value artifacts in the place.

Jeff went upstairs to see the bedrooms.

In the meantime, I had asked to see our friend Elizabeth who works there and she came down for a nice little chat while I was waiting for Jeff.  It was so great to see her.
See the lady bug on the bud coming out?
me in the kitchen garden
Jeff and the cherry tree
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A small part of the grounds

The kitchen garden - they still grow vegetables and have cherry trees, apple and pear trees as well.  Nothing is wasted as they use the products in their work at Dundurn during the winter and any food  left over from the garden is given to Neighbour to Neighbour which has a food bank on the Mountain.

I was mostly impressed by the garden.  The castle was just too big for me and not cozy at all.  Very stately, of course, but I much prefer a cozy home.  They did have a nice view of the water though.

Our next stop was at Pier 8 at the Waterfront.  Hamilton has a wonderful waterfront where you can spend hours and hours reading, watching people or just enjoying waving the boats on the water or hearing the lapping of the waves as they slap against the stone walls where the railings are.

Jeff, enjoying his meal

An interesting tree near where one gets the  bus back to Downtown

All in all, a very nice way to spend an afternoon.  Thanks for dropping by.