Saturday, June 16, 2018

Lots of nice things going on right now

Last Saturday Jennifer picked me up at the back door and we went to ArtWord/Artbar for the launch of another Tower Poetry Book.  I was one of the readers of my poem "Ali". 

I was afraid that I may have lost my touch with speaking before an audience, but I was fine and felt very comfortable doing so.

My poem was not an uplifting poem but rather dealt with a very sad event in my life. 

I never expected it to be chosen for this anthology but the whole book was along the same lines about thought provoking events.

After that, Anita, Ruby, Jeff, Joanne and myself went across the way to enjoy the perogies at Loaded Perogies on Colbourne St.  Very good food and lots of choices available but with perogies.  The place was clean and the staff efficient and friendly.

I hoped on the bus and used my Presto pass to get me home.  I forgot to tell the gals that the venue is not accessible.  I felt very bad about that as two of them brought their walkers and had to carry them up the stairs.  That is why I used my cane, as I knew I was getting a ride both ways.

The next nice event was our little group going to the club to eat on the patio. The weather held off nicely until we were all safely home.  We were most fortunate.  Everybody enjoyed themselves from what I learned later.  I had my camera with me but forgot to take pictures......

Other than that, not much else has been going on.  I went to get some groceries at Fresh Nations and hoped to get six more library  books but the library was closed  for staff development day. 

I went back today and got seven more books so I should be okay for a while.  I felt like an orphan without any large print books at home.  I sure appreciate the library!!!!!

I have some medical things to get done within the next week or two but nothing too drastic at all.

Thanks for dropping by.

Here are some pictures from the book launch.  Jennifer took them.

George Down - Editor in Chief   talking about the many front page designs of artist and poet Susan A.J. Davis

Me, holding my copy of the anthology

It was a nice event and many poets from elsewhere, not just Canada, can send in their work.  It costs nothing to send in except for the postage.  One can send in 4 poems for each issue.  They may, or may not, be chosen.

A Toronto poet - it was lovely to meet her.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Friday June 2/18

I took some things for the Salvation Army to help their work among disadvantaged people.  Then I dropped into my favourite handbag store which moved from the mall to King Street near the Subway restaurant.

It was nice to see how well he is doing there - he has branched out to selling many, many different things and even when I was there, several people came in.

We had a little chat while I was there as well and it was nice to see how much better he is doing with the new location.

On the way home I sat in Gore Park for half an hour or so.

I wanted to go to the city wide Iftar event which was to  be held at City Hall.  It started at 7 p.m. so it was fine to go out as there was about two more hours of light.

I took some pictures to show you of parts of City Hall in the front of it.  Two of which are very new.  A grass covered dog and also a grass butterfly done by the Cities Horticultural department.  They were attracting a lot of attention both by parents and the children as was the new Hamilton sign.

Here are some shots.

Our new Hamilton dog made of grass

Folks looking at the new dog in town!

The green butterfly - soon flowers will be planted there I suspect.

Hamilton's new sign which lights up at night.  Also it is a great place to take pictures sitting on it.

A small waterpool 

A flowering scrub on the side of the ramp for people with handicaps.

They have done a nice job adding those new grass items on the front lawn. It attracted lots of picture takers and many families came downtown just to take pictures with them.

I went inside City Hall to find out where the Iftar was being held and found out due to the vast amount of guests coming, they were holding it at the Hamilton Convention Center.

I walked over there which was not very far and then followed the crowds inside.  All manner of people were there, Muslims, Non-Muslims, lots and lots of little children and teenagers.  Guests were greeted at the entrance door of the Convention Center with "welcome" and directions to where the event was held.  Once there, young people greeted the guests and introduced themselves by their first names.  Each young person had a name tag on.

They sure got "A" for thoughtfulness, courtesy and friendliness.  The young ladies all wore beautiful gowns with either contrasting hijabs or matching ones.  Some of the young men wore kufis (the hat many Muslim men wear. They are are quite beautiful in a masculine type of way.

People greeted each other in the standard Islamic way, a kiss on one side of the cheek, then the other, and then back again to the first side.  Women did this with each other. I noticed that men generally just gave each other a hug or a backslap.  So many people knew each other there which was wonderful to see and everybody had happy smiles on their faces.

At this event, it was suggested that the women sit on the right side of the large room and families and single men sit on the left side.  Most people listened but not all.

As one entered the room, they had people who had set up booths to explain the basics of Islam and that seemed to be very well attended.  I was glad for that as it is so much work to organize such a huge function!

Each person had a folder called "Food for Thought" and a brown paper bag in it with a bun and three dates. The bagged items were to eat once the fast was finished and before the Sunset Prayer (Maghrib).  As most people know, dates are very nutritious and give a person a real boost in energy.

With regards to the book, it was well done with articles of explanation, plus of course, the agenda.  Something to keep.

I have only one comment which is not complimentary.  Too many people did not listen to the speakers and kept on chatting.  I am not talking about guests here.

I do compliment the organizers on starting only five minutes late.  I have been at some functions where late is very normal, which does not please me as I am an uptight, on-time person mostly.

At 8:56 the Adhaan  (call to prayer) was called for the Maghrib prayer and I was already out of the room by then as I felt so tired.

Dinner was served at 9:15 and there were many, many tables set up for this.

I was very pleased to see so many people there from all walks of life.  I would say, from my observation, that it was a very successful event and well organized.  As I was walking down from the Convention Center I saw crowds of mostly young families heading to break their fast.

I hope they will have it again next year.

Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Princess Point on the weekend

One of my most favourite places is Princess Point.  I took the bus downthere (#6 Aberdeen) and met Jeff there.  I was surprised to see him bring his car down to the parking spots there as he usually parks where he does not need to pay.  I also took the bus back as it is so simple for me to get there and back and I can do it by myself without having him pick me up.  He lives close to the park so there is no sense for him to come all the way to my place and pick me up when I have a bus right outside my door which will bring me there!

We went on the paved side and the little trolley is now running on the weekends only.  I plan to take it once this summer as it is only $5.00 for seniors and takes you all along the waterfront.  A very economical and good thing to do.  They also have a commentator on board who gives a history of the area.

It was a beautiful day and we were both a little puffed out by the time we made the few and far between benches. I would have been fine as I now take my walker everywhere I go for safety reasons.

We sat twice when we were on the paved part and just enjoyed seeing the birds in the water and in the trees and the peaceful attitude.  We also said hello to people we met on the trail which was very nice.

In the general rule, people are very friendly on the trails in Hamilton.

View from the little bridge which goes to the paved walk where the runners and the bikers go.

Blossoms are coming out now - just lovely

Time for a spring cleanut down here

Calm waters

Two fellows enjoying chatting and the wharf 

Canada Goose

One of the many beautiful spots on the paved part of Princess Point.

Two fellows enjoying the wharf and another one in a kayac.

Sam Lawrence Park with Jeff

It was a trifle cool with a very brisk wind but I was okay with my inbetween coat and scarf.

This is the first time I have been for a walk in that park. It is a very large park with wonderful old trees and flowering bushes.

Unfortunately for me, my camera battery died so I could only take 4 pictures.
A view of the lower city from Sam Lawrence Park on the Mountain

A view of the lower city from Sam Lawrence Park

Further along - a view of the lower city

Beautiful Greenery

I really enjoyed going there and we walked a great deal. There are lots of picnic tables, flowering trees and some very lovely spots to enjoy. We saw other people there as well which was nice.

One day I would like to go back for a picnic lunch. 

I wanted to post some of his pictures on here but was unable to unfortunately.

It was a lovely spot and I plan to go there again.

Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Our monthly get together for lunch

My friend Jeff picked me up and we drove out to the east end to join other friends for lunch at Kelsey's.

I have to say that the food is excellent there and the lady who served us was very good.  We met about 11:30 and broke up a little before three.

They did not rush us at all which I appreciated.

We had a grand chat and a few laughs and everybody enjoyed their time together.

Thanks for dropping  by.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

LW group - Mother/Daughter event May 15,2018

The weather improved significally in time to get to the Mother/Daughter event at St. John's. I am finding it a rather long walk now unfortunately.  However, since I was asked to open in prayer, I managed to get there.

On the walk there (about a half hour for me) I was stopped by a lady in a scooter asking for money as she had no money to buy food and she was diabetic.  I took a chance and gave her enough money to buy some solid food.  I had to hurry along though as I still had quite some ways to go before reaching St. John's. 

The Church hall was set up beautifully, with tables with bud vases and tulips, china cups and saucers and gleaming silverware.

Shortly after 7 p.m. we began. A warm welcome was extended to everybody who were able to attend as well as to our guest speaker Sister Elaine Arsenault of Good Shepherd.  She is the Sister of Social Service there.

I had been asked to open in prayer which I am honoured to do.

Some lovely poetry was read, some hymns were sung and then the guest speaker gave us an inspirational talk.  She had a valid point, in my view, that most of us listen but only so we can reply back.  She was right and it does give us, as people, something to think about.

She mentioned that most people only want to be heard and do not necessarily want to be given suggestions on what they should do as they already know what they want to do.

An interesting thought  indeed,

After her talk, another poem was read and a hymn. 

Our hostest with the mostest ladies had prepared a marvellous spread for us to enjoy.

Those ladies are amazing, month after month, they prepare beautiful tortes and sandwiches for our group.

In my opinion, it is an excellent group to belong to and I consider myself very fortunate to belong there.

Thanks for dropping  by.

Here are a few snapshots of last night.

Sister Elaine  of Good Shepherd - the guest speaker

Our president Waltraut espressing our thanks for her very stimulating talk

The hostess ladies preparing the table 

A snap shot at the end of the evening.

Have a great day!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Mother's Day May 13,2018

Kenny picked me up and we spent some lovely time just soaking up the wonderful sun and talking.  Eve is such a live wire and she wants to be part of everything which is a good thing.

Kenny prepared tacos for supper which I have never had.  They were good.

They also had bought some wonderful cupcakes to celebrate the occasion.

 Jody and Eve chatting in the backyard.
Ken and Eve on Ken's favourite lounging chair

Jody taking a selfie with Eve at the dining room table.

Jody and Eve with the lovely cupcakes in honour of Mother's Day.

Waiting, not so patiently, for me to snap his photo!

Eve with her puzzle.

I was getting tired and asked Ken to bring me home which he did.  I enjoyed my time with them very much. 

Thanks for dropping  by.