Friday, October 30, 2009

Niagara on the Lake, Queenston and Ste. Catherine's

The plaque at Laura Secord's House
Laura Secord's House

Statue of George Bernard Shaw in Niagara on the Lake

The plaque for George Bernard Shaw in Niagara on the Lake

Some candied apples in a bakery - we resisted the temptation but was it hard!

Jennifer with the same flowering bush

A flowering bush I really liked

In Niagara on the Lake - me

Jennifer - note the matching colours there!

My friend Jennifer and I went on a lovely day trip to this area. We brought our thermos full of coffee, our own sandwiches and cookies and spent a wonderful time looking around at the colourful leaves, the beautiful water scenes and the quaint little shops in Niagara on the Lake.

We dropped in at a fantastic book warehouse in St. Catherine's called Vanwell Publishing Limited, which is opposite Happy Rolph's. It was a very interesting experience for me and I found some books which I will give as presents in the future. My friend had been there before.

Apparently, their main focus is publishing war related books. They carried other kinds of books as well and at marvelous prices! They also had an army surplus store.

They were extremely friendly people and very nice to deal with.

Jennifer knew the area very well and we did a delightful tour in her car and saw some of the local highlights of the areas. So many vineyards and delightful fruit stands to see.

We spent a number of hours in Niagara on the Lake and it was great to be there again after about 30 years away!

We loved poking about in the many little shops and we enjoyed chatting with some of the merchants who were very friendly to us.

The roads were not as crowded as we had anticipated on the way there or even on the way back to Hamilton.

Even though there was no hint of sunlight the whole time we were there, it was still warm enough to check out the various shops and enjoy people watching.

All in all, a fantastic time!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A nice time spent with a young friend

Shona came over yesterday after school and this time we used hardware wire and made window decorations.

It was so much fun and we had a lovely chat while working. She will hang her artistic endeavours in her window so that the light will catch them in the morning.

She comes once a week and we do a different project each time.

I really enjoy her company! I like being around young people.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Philpott Coffeehouse 2009

Olga and I, at our table, taken by Mohammad
Mohammad and Olga, friends we had invited.

Ed & Wilma on stage

Ed & I together on the stage. Taken by a very nice man who offered to take us together.

Another shot, taken by Ed

Wilma on the stage reading

Another view of Ed reading.

Ed Woods, reading from his new poetry book

We had a marvelous time last night. There was a good and appreciative crowd there which makes performing much nicer.

As usual, Philpott had decorated their gym in a fantastic manner. As one stepped in, one felt the ambiance right away with twinkling lights on large potted plants, comfy sofas and chairs, tables for four, and on top of the tablecloths, tea lights glowed.

A long table, laden with refreshments was near the music stage. It was laden with vegetables platters, crackers and cheese, and a lovely array of squares and cakes. To the side, they had a beverage table with coffee, tea and juice for those who wished it.

I have found this event very well organized in the past and I was not disappointed this time either!

Sara and Joel Klinck were the Masters of Ceremony and they did a terrific job. Joel even remembered from last year that he needed to give me a hand up to the stage when it was my turn. Such a lovely young couple. It was grand to see them again.

The programme was well set up, in my view, allowing people time to stretch their legs and walk around and view the wonderful paintings and pottery on display which Philpott members have done. I particularly loved the needlepoint one and took a picture of it.

The programme was varied with two intermissions of ten minutes each. There were poets, singers, a medley of Reels and Jigs, and an opera singer. Japanese, French, Spanish and English were all used in this delightful programme.

It ended about 10 and was a wonderful evening, spent with compatible friends. If Ed and I are invited to perform next year, I think both of us will do that. They are such an appreciate audience and so very friendly!

Friday, October 23, 2009

A delightful time spent with young Shona

We spent much of our time going over pictures on CD's. I had made her a CD of Rattlesnake Point as she spent a lot of time there with her sisters and her Mom and Dad when she was younger.

My pictures turned out great and I think she will enjoy having that CD. We did a crocheted necklace with beads intertwined in the necklace. She will wear it to school today and will let me know what her classmates say.

My friend Jennifer called and asked me if I wanted to go to the Poetry Center's author reading but I declined as I was having such a nice time with Shona and being creative and I was glad that I stayed home, as I got a few more piece of jewelery done for the show.

I watched the movie Cacoon which was very interesting.

Today, I will need to continue to do inventory and taking pictures. Will put them on a CD as well.

So much preparation for this party but hopefully everybody will have a great time!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area

Another gorgeous view!

Carol, James and me

Carol, James and Jeff

This is such a peaceful scene to me. Leaves on the ground, tall trees reaching up to heaven, the rustle of feet tramping through the forest, what more delightful thing can there be!

One of my favourite kind of trees - Birch bark tree.

I thought this view was lovely, observe the mist.

Jeff, on one of the many rocky parts, in the mist.

Note the rugged look and rock formation.

Part of the floral arrangement at the entrance to the Conservation Area.

What a misty day it was! Some drizzle, a glimpse of the sun momentarily, fine mist and warm weather! Lovely!
Jeff picked me up for our group outing to the conservation area. It is in the Halton area of Ontario and not too far from us.
When the other two folk got there in Carole's car, we paid our entrance fee and went in. While we were waiting for them to arrive, we drank the coffee I brought in my trusty little thermos.
I must say that coffee outdoors is such a treat!
Although the ground was rough in many parts, with the help of my friends and my trusty cane, I was able to do much of the trail. What a real treat for me! I haven't been in a Conservation Area for years and years and being close to nature is what I really love.

I love being in nature, particularly in the Fall Season. We were alone in the area for the longest time and the natural hush around us was much appreciated by me.

It refreshed my spirit and calmed my soul. Just what I needed!
We got back after six p.m., tired but very happy! All in all, a splendid day spent with compatible people in a wonderful outdoor setting.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thanksgiving E.L.W. potluck

A lovely decoration for Fall in the church hall.

Thanksgiving Potluck – E.L.W. October 20,2009

The day could not have been nicer as the E.L.W. ladies gathered together in the Church Hall for their annual potluck luncheon to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Happy chatter filled the room as people lined up to pick from the delectable array of home cooked food set before their appreciative eyes.

Individual tables, decorated with fall leaves and white mums with greenery graced the cream coloured tablecloths. It was very well attended with a wonderful variety of food.

After the main course, a programme of hymns, poetry and a short talk by Pastor Frank was held. Once the business meeting was finished as well, the desert table was laid out and people helped themselves to a scrumptious feast of sweets.
All in all, another success story for the E.L.W.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunday afternoon Poetry reading

At the request of a dear friend, I put this picture in to show the art gallery downstairs and the creative works that Hamilton artists do. This venue has a two fold purpose and I believe that it will succeed as the owners are welcoming and friendly and make people feel right "at home".
Stan White

Kim Grove

Caroline Morgan Di Giovanni

Honey Novick

Bill Bissett

Bill Bissett

Jeff Seffinga

James Deahl

Richard Tai

What a delightful afternoon I spent yesterday. I loved the new venue as it was cozy and also one could hear very well there.

Artword Artbar in located at 15 Colbourne St., which is where near the Anglican Cathedral. It is easy to get to as well as the Bayfront bus goes right to that street and one need only walk up towards James Street North. A very short walk indeed.

Artword Artbar has a website, and is run by Ronald Weihs and Judith Sandiford.

The performance started at 2 p.m. and included Bill Bissett, James Deahl, Caroline Morgan Di giovanni, Katherine L. Gordon, Richard (Tai) and Kim Grove, Honey Novick, Jeff Seffinga and Stan White.

I particularly liked an afternoon performance and hope that there will be more held there in the afternoon.

A most enjoyable afternoon spent with compatible people!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanksgiving Monday

A miracle has happened, no, just joking. I actually cooked! I made some chicken with tons of nice vegetables with that Slap Chop machine and cooked it all in the oven for the required time.

The smell was heavenly and the unexpected invitation from a dear friend, Jennifer, to go to the RBG to see the Mediterranean gardens just made the day for me.

On holidays it is quite difficult when one is alone. I think I will start to plan to invite people in for other holidays. I used to entertain a lot in Toronto, having parties as well as dinners and I may go back to that lifestyle, depending on my strength.

When the children were small, this is how I got together with other folks as I had only my salary to support the three of us plus three animals and getting a babysitter was quite expensive.

I look back now and see what a wonderful time we had, doing simple things like walks in the park, picnics, visiting friends, having visitors. All simple things and all easy to do. Our parties were great too, we each would bring our children and a covered dish and share. Such fond memories to look back on! The children would have fun as well as the adults.

It was my daughter's job to pick wild flowers for our Friday evening meal and to decorate the table with them. Candles and soft music were also a lovely addition to the meal. The children would have Adams Ale with an ice cube in it (ice water) and we would have very simple food but elegantly laid out, but even today my daughter remembers those meals.

Simple things, but so very powerful to uplift the human spirit.

One does not need to spend a lot of money to enjoy life. Each day is a gift from God and one to be treasured.

In Thanksgiving time, it is right to thank God for His blessings of shelter, food, clothing and all the things in life which make life good! In fact, each day should be a day of thanksgiving for friends and family, freedom of worship and freedom of speech.

Blue skies, white fluffy clouds, sun rising, sun setting over water, moon coming out from behind a cloud - these are only a few of the things we take for granted.

Even a rainy day has its blessings, a cosy home, a cup of tea or coffee, a good book, nice music.

We, in North America, have so much to be thankful for.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rockton World Fair 2009

A lovely fall decoration at the Pottery Place in Rockton
Decorated for Halloween - Gasper the friendly Ghost.

A house I really loved!

A local house in Rochton decorated for Halloween!

Little chicks.

A very friendly horse. He even let me pat him.

Bulls being judged with their keepers in a large barn

One of the many animals at the Fair.

A priceless picture of a dear little boy and a wonderful little dog.
Carmen won that little animal for my daughter Anna! I will take it when I go there next time.

My friends, Wally and Carmen, invited me to go with them to the Rockton World's Fair.

It was a very delightful experience. I particularly enjoyed the kraft shows and saw many beautiful work created by the crafters.

Quilts, hand knitted and crocheted items, woodworking, Christmas ornaments and the list could go on and on. An excellent variety of lovely hand made goods.

I also enjoyed the various animals that we could get close to and the horse show .

For the young folk, and perhaps not so young, there was a midway and this had lots of people trying their luck to win prizes, and also going on the different rides.

We spent about 5 hours there. We brought our own picnic which was a good thing as the prices were quite high for food. The entrance fee for the fair was $10.00 and the parking cost $3.00.

I loved the decorated houses with their fall decorations and even Halloween decorations.

It was a real pleasure for me to spend time with Carmen and Wally and to visit this little town and its fair. Time well spent!