Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The chair situation

Goodness, there may be 55 people coming to my party in November and the party room only has 22 chairs!

Hosea suggested that I ask if St. John's would lend me some chairs and he would pick them up and bring them back. I checked with Joan in the church office and she checked for me and yes, they can lend them provided there is no other function on.

I have decided to donate $1.00 of each jewelery purchase to the micro-enterprise programme which helps disabled people set up their own small business with seed money and expert advice. Hosea is part of that organization and he will bring me some pamphlets for people to read.

Mary will bring some HistoriCITY magazines for people to have as well. Next step is to concentrate on the food items needed - a tall order.

I really want everybody to have a great time! The chairs were my biggest problem really.

This party is taking up a great deal of my thoughts but it will be nice to see so many friends at the same time. Friends are even coming from Toronto!

Just got a return e-mail from a chair company. It would cost $181. for the rental of 25 chairs, which would include pick up and take back and a $100 damage deposit. In short, $81.00 for the afternoon. Out of the question!

Bless Hosea for his idea of borrowing the chairs from St. John's and bless them for lending them!

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