Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rockton World Fair 2009

A lovely fall decoration at the Pottery Place in Rockton
Decorated for Halloween - Gasper the friendly Ghost.

A house I really loved!

A local house in Rochton decorated for Halloween!

Little chicks.

A very friendly horse. He even let me pat him.

Bulls being judged with their keepers in a large barn

One of the many animals at the Fair.

A priceless picture of a dear little boy and a wonderful little dog.
Carmen won that little animal for my daughter Anna! I will take it when I go there next time.

My friends, Wally and Carmen, invited me to go with them to the Rockton World's Fair.

It was a very delightful experience. I particularly enjoyed the kraft shows and saw many beautiful work created by the crafters.

Quilts, hand knitted and crocheted items, woodworking, Christmas ornaments and the list could go on and on. An excellent variety of lovely hand made goods.

I also enjoyed the various animals that we could get close to and the horse show .

For the young folk, and perhaps not so young, there was a midway and this had lots of people trying their luck to win prizes, and also going on the different rides.

We spent about 5 hours there. We brought our own picnic which was a good thing as the prices were quite high for food. The entrance fee for the fair was $10.00 and the parking cost $3.00.

I loved the decorated houses with their fall decorations and even Halloween decorations.

It was a real pleasure for me to spend time with Carmen and Wally and to visit this little town and its fair. Time well spent!

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