Monday, October 5, 2009

Sad news

I learned this evening at my friend Evelyne Beers passed away from pneumonia. I feel a great loss as she was like a mother to me as well as a friend.

Evelyne has been a wonderful friend to me and has visited me several times here in Hamilton.

We met at a Seniors Group in Downsview and found out that we were neighbours. I have had many a wonderful chat with her in her comfortable home as well as on her lovely long balcony at her condo in Downsview.

I loved her wit and her practicality. Above all, I loved her acceptance of people who practiced different religions than she did or were a different colour than she was. An example to us all!

She was a Bah'ai and a good one, practicing her choice of religions on a daily basis. American by birth, having lived most of her life in the States, but immigrating to Canada to be near her daughter near the end of her life. I learned so much just from listening to her chat about life in the States and her own life. She was a good example.

Since I moved to Hamilton almost seven years ago now, we have remained in touch by visiting back and forth as well as by letters.

Evelyne and Bob Beer, and their daughter Marty, represented the United States on a world tour as Good Will Ambassadors during the 1960's. They were very well known, especially for their Fox Hollow Festivals.

Many a time, I listened with pleasure to Evelyne talking about their experiences. Her cat, Miss Sally Cat and I would listen intently. Evelyne herself was a down to earth type of person and it was my pleasure to have known her.

I shall miss my friend but I am glad that she died so peacefully. May God grant her paradise.

For anybody wishing to know more about the Beers Family, please type in Beers Family on the search engine and you will see references about their work.

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