Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Philpott Coffeehouse 2009

Olga and I, at our table, taken by Mohammad
Mohammad and Olga, friends we had invited.

Ed & Wilma on stage

Ed & I together on the stage. Taken by a very nice man who offered to take us together.

Another shot, taken by Ed

Wilma on the stage reading

Another view of Ed reading.

Ed Woods, reading from his new poetry book

We had a marvelous time last night. There was a good and appreciative crowd there which makes performing much nicer.

As usual, Philpott had decorated their gym in a fantastic manner. As one stepped in, one felt the ambiance right away with twinkling lights on large potted plants, comfy sofas and chairs, tables for four, and on top of the tablecloths, tea lights glowed.

A long table, laden with refreshments was near the music stage. It was laden with vegetables platters, crackers and cheese, and a lovely array of squares and cakes. To the side, they had a beverage table with coffee, tea and juice for those who wished it.

I have found this event very well organized in the past and I was not disappointed this time either!

Sara and Joel Klinck were the Masters of Ceremony and they did a terrific job. Joel even remembered from last year that he needed to give me a hand up to the stage when it was my turn. Such a lovely young couple. It was grand to see them again.

The programme was well set up, in my view, allowing people time to stretch their legs and walk around and view the wonderful paintings and pottery on display which Philpott members have done. I particularly loved the needlepoint one and took a picture of it.

The programme was varied with two intermissions of ten minutes each. There were poets, singers, a medley of Reels and Jigs, and an opera singer. Japanese, French, Spanish and English were all used in this delightful programme.

It ended about 10 and was a wonderful evening, spent with compatible friends. If Ed and I are invited to perform next year, I think both of us will do that. They are such an appreciate audience and so very friendly!

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