Friday, October 23, 2009

A delightful time spent with young Shona

We spent much of our time going over pictures on CD's. I had made her a CD of Rattlesnake Point as she spent a lot of time there with her sisters and her Mom and Dad when she was younger.

My pictures turned out great and I think she will enjoy having that CD. We did a crocheted necklace with beads intertwined in the necklace. She will wear it to school today and will let me know what her classmates say.

My friend Jennifer called and asked me if I wanted to go to the Poetry Center's author reading but I declined as I was having such a nice time with Shona and being creative and I was glad that I stayed home, as I got a few more piece of jewelery done for the show.

I watched the movie Cacoon which was very interesting.

Today, I will need to continue to do inventory and taking pictures. Will put them on a CD as well.

So much preparation for this party but hopefully everybody will have a great time!

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