Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanksgiving Monday

A miracle has happened, no, just joking. I actually cooked! I made some chicken with tons of nice vegetables with that Slap Chop machine and cooked it all in the oven for the required time.

The smell was heavenly and the unexpected invitation from a dear friend, Jennifer, to go to the RBG to see the Mediterranean gardens just made the day for me.

On holidays it is quite difficult when one is alone. I think I will start to plan to invite people in for other holidays. I used to entertain a lot in Toronto, having parties as well as dinners and I may go back to that lifestyle, depending on my strength.

When the children were small, this is how I got together with other folks as I had only my salary to support the three of us plus three animals and getting a babysitter was quite expensive.

I look back now and see what a wonderful time we had, doing simple things like walks in the park, picnics, visiting friends, having visitors. All simple things and all easy to do. Our parties were great too, we each would bring our children and a covered dish and share. Such fond memories to look back on! The children would have fun as well as the adults.

It was my daughter's job to pick wild flowers for our Friday evening meal and to decorate the table with them. Candles and soft music were also a lovely addition to the meal. The children would have Adams Ale with an ice cube in it (ice water) and we would have very simple food but elegantly laid out, but even today my daughter remembers those meals.

Simple things, but so very powerful to uplift the human spirit.

One does not need to spend a lot of money to enjoy life. Each day is a gift from God and one to be treasured.

In Thanksgiving time, it is right to thank God for His blessings of shelter, food, clothing and all the things in life which make life good! In fact, each day should be a day of thanksgiving for friends and family, freedom of worship and freedom of speech.

Blue skies, white fluffy clouds, sun rising, sun setting over water, moon coming out from behind a cloud - these are only a few of the things we take for granted.

Even a rainy day has its blessings, a cosy home, a cup of tea or coffee, a good book, nice music.

We, in North America, have so much to be thankful for.

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