Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mary and I in the Den at the Club

We had a lovely visit and shared a huge butter tart together.  That might be the way for me to avoid too much sugar, share a desert from time to time with my guests.

The Den is my favourite spot in the Club.  It is cozy and there is a table just suited for tea for two.

Mary is such a delightful person and we have been friends and colleagues on the Literary Committee for many years now.  We can always find something to talk about.


Thanks for dropping by and please come again when you have the time.

Have a great day!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Nonnie and I at the Club for tea

We had a lovely little visit to the club. It turns out that Nonnie grew up in my hometown. What a delightful pleasure it was for me to find that out.

I rarely meet anybody from there.

We went overboard and had some scrumptious desert as well as tea.


Black Forest Cake

Nonnie was going to take a picture of me, but I got one first!

We had a lovely tea together.

It was a nice break for me as well as I have been helping my friends pack and move things this morning and needed a little break.

Thanks for dropping by and have a great day!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


The snow is falling gently to the waiting pavement below my window.  I sit at the computer, cozy and warm, watching it fall.  My silly cat Boots sits on the window sill and tries to catch the snowflakes as they whirl by.  It was fun to see him in action.  With the glass there, it was a hopeless endeavour on his part but he is having a good time and providing free entertainment for me!

I also am listening to the Scottish programme on 740AM which I love.  It is on for two hours on Sunday afternoons from 4 - 6 and then comes the Irish programme.

I took a look outside at Gore Park and saw that Queen Victoria's statue is now covered in snow, giving her the appearance of a stately lady with velvet white robes.

Gore Park - statue of Queen Victoria

A shot of the glass building next door - white snow flakes

Gore Park - Queen Victoria robed in snow

I have to get on with editing the book - time is flying by so fast and I have a deadline.

I managed to get two hours to edit the book today.  Since Kenny helped me via ' Skype share a screen', it is easier for me now to use Google Chrome documents.

One does not have save at all on that programme which seems rather strange to me but so far it is working.

I find her book a very interesting read so it is both educational for me and uplifting at the same time. It is on religious matters which, of course, interests me very much.

I have edited an African lady's book quite some time ago and she was delighted with the result. Unhappily she died of cancer and her family cannot find her manuscript.  It really is a pity as she described the life of an African woman.  It was a very enlightening book for me to edit and I got to know her quite well through the internet.

I am in touch with her son and her husband from time to time through the internet.

In any event, I could not resist taking a picture of the two laziest cats in the word - Boots and Tiger.  They were curious to see what I was doing when I was snapping pictures of the snow so they came right up and almost stuck their faces into the camera.

Here they are.....

Boots, the more curious of the two

Tiger - the more timid one in spite of his name!

Thanks for dropping by.  Hope you enjoy the pictures and come back again when you have the time.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jody and I at the Club

We had a great time visiting and catching up with everything.  She seemed quite at ease in the Club and quite "at home" which was important to me.  I want my guests to feel welcome.

Jacqueline was our server again and, as usual, she was marvelous.   She always calls me by my Ms. ____ and I asked her if she wouldn't mind calling me by my first name.  Ms. sounds like a busy bee to me.

Our reservation was for six p.m. and Jody parked in my parking spot which made it better for everybody as she did not have to search for street parking.

I have not put up my "for rent" sign again.  There are two signs up right now. I think I will wait until they take their signs down.

In some ways, I like to have it available for my own guests who come as parking downtown is costly.

Back to our outing at the Club.  After we enjoyed our very filling dinner (both of us took home doggy bags)
we sat in one of the lounge areas and enjoyed chatting.  Jacqueline came over and asked if we wanted anything  and offered water so I took water.

Jody and I in one of the dining room

Lamb dinner - fit for a king or queen

Lamb dinner

Jody's choice 

The food doesn't look very much the way they arrange it, but once you get into eating, it is huge portions.  I may just order half portions for myself from now on (if I remember).

I love the atmosphere in the Club and am getting to know some people now through Martini Night.

It is a very cozy place and yet elegant at the same time.

Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

An interesting Sunday

Today was a busy day but all nice things.  After church I helped young Cassie with her reading, then my neighbour came up to wash her delicate clothing as her machine is not working properly.

In the meantime, this lady is expecting a baby and has no experience in child care at all.  We had a great time practicing with a sock doll.  We learned how to diaper a baby, wrap a baby up in a cozy blanket, how a baby needs to sleep (on its back) and how to bath and feed an infant.  Needless to say, I don't have any baby things around anymore so we had to improvise.  The diaper was a dish cloth, the blanket was a large blanket which was very cozy.  We used baby wipes (real ones) and we practiced attending to the baby's needs.

I suspect it might have been a real eye opener as to the actual job of caring for a child.

I didn't think of it while we were practicing,  I should have taken pictures while we were doing it. It was great fun and I must say this "baby" gave us no trouble whatsoever.

I took some shots of the "baby" just for fun while I was writing up this blog. We will  have to call the baby "no name" as the couple have not thought of names yet.

Actually, I had a ball.  It is a pity that this couple is moving to another city as I could have been very helpful once the baby arrived.  However, that is the way it goes.  I thought it might be a good idea to get a little experience before they move next week.

I remember being very "green" when I had my first baby and it was hard to know what to do.  Parenthood is not easy, in fact, I suspect it is the most difficult job in the world.  So many people go into it without proper thought, but there are so many details in looking after a baby properly and it is a 24 hour a day job, especially when they are young.

It was fun to practice though. I really enjoyed it.  I only regret that I will not be able to give a hand when needed as they will be too far away.

On another note, I had a delicious tofu dish for supper. Yummy and now I am going to relax and do nothing.

Thanks for dropping by.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Dinner party at the club to say Farewell

As usual, the food was excellent and the staff most attentive.  Our wonderful server took us on a tour of the second and third floors.  There are some really interesting rooms up there.  I am so glad to have been able to get up those stairs to check things out.  Some were not heated.  Wonderful views from up there of not only the street but also of the club.

We went into dinner and the five of us chose what we wanted.  The chef had done a good job with our dietary restrictions.  They certainly could not have been more obliging and made us feel right at home.

Here is a picture that our server took of our little group.

Guests of Honour - Andrew and Rahell, me, Mohamed, Sarah

I chose the pasta dish tonight - next time I will ask for a half portion

Andrew with his expresso coffee
Andrew drove everybody home to their own residences.  Everybody seemed to have a lovely time and chatted easily together.  It really is a shame that Andrew and Rahell are leaving.

I have known Andrew for almost nine years now and know that if there is a need, I can call on him.  He and Rahel often pick up little items for me from the grocery store when they go also.

It was an expensive evening and not one that I will do again for a very, very long time for so many people but well worth it as it was a thank you gift from me and a chance for bonding between the two younger ladies.  Mohammed and Andrew have always gotten along but this is only the third time that Sarah and Rahel have met each other.  I hope that they will keep in touch after Rahel and Andrew move.

I would say that the evening was a success.

Thanks for dropping by and come again when you can.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tea and goodies at the Club today

I have been too busy in the last few days to go to the club.  My friend Elizabeth told me that Tom
McQuesten,of the famous McQuesten family of Hamilton, was a member of this club while he lived and that she would love to see it.  Liz is a fellow poet from Poetry Center and I have known her many years now.  I see a lot of her in the summer where she serves a delightful tea at an outdoor concert here in Hamilton.

Naturally, I invited her for tea and we had a most delightful time together.  She was most impressed by the ambianceof the place as well as the good service that Jacqualine gave us.

I knew that she would enjoy having a momento of the occasion so took some shots with my ever ready camera.

Liz, enjoying her sorbet

Tea anybody?

Just herbal tea for me alas -  it was excellent though.

Near one of the fireplaces
She was most impressed and had a good time for which I was glad.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tower Poetry Book Launch January 15,2012

It was a bitterly cold day out when 30 people braved the elements to come out to the book launch which was held at Carnegie Gallery in Dundas, Ontario.

I was most fortunate that my friend Stella took me or otherwise I would not have been able to attend this winter launch of the book.  I cannot handle waiting for the bus which runs only every hour on Sunday.

As is usual, people chatted with each other and enjoyed the art work and the creativity which Carnagie Gallery showcases.

We were expecting poets from Sarnia, Ontario and waited a little while for them but we had to start without them.

Happily they arrived safely and once they were settled, we started the readings again after a refreshment break.

It was marvelous to see James Dheal, Norma West Linder, Debbie Oakum Hill and a new poet I had not met. I believe her name is Lynne.

I learned something shocking that Peggy Fletcher, a well known and much loved poet in Sarnia passed away recently.  It was quite a shock.

I will post a few of the pictures here for your enjoyment.

Trudy Down


Jennifer Tan

Marianne Vespry

Debbie Okum-Hill - Sarnia area poet

Norma West Linder - Sarnia poet

James Dheal, formerly of Hamilton, now in Sarnia.

Jeff Seffinga - Editor in Chief of Tower Poetry Society

All in all, it was a lovely event and I was so very happy to have been able to attend.

Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jen's Art Exhibition - Volunteer Hamilton 2012

After attending the members complimentary luncheon at the club, I went to see Jen's Art Exhibition which was held at the Volunteer Bureau.

Jen had a very lovely display, nicely framed of her photos.  I only took one shot of the one I liked best.

I was glad to see that several people dropped in.  Jen had a young musician playing and also had a lovely snack table.

I was glad that I went as Jen was so pleased that I came.  I stayed till around 3:30 and then hopped on the bus to go home.

Here are some shots.

Jen is the lady in the middle wearing a tourquoise shirt.

The lovely snack table which Jen arranged for

This was on poverty.  I particularly liked that one.
She did a very good job of arranging everything.  I believe her exhibition of photography will be up for another week or so.  Drop by if you have a chance.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Went to my club today

I had a really nice time, reading and working on a poem and then I decided to stay for dinner.

It is so nice and quiet in there, no telephones, no distractions.  I think it will be a home away from home for me.

I have had lunch there with my friend Rosemary a few weeks back and enjoyed that.  I treated myself to a delicious dinner tonight - very well cooked and very well presented.  Jacqueline was the lady who looked after all my needs for dinner, she even took my coat and hung it up for me.  I could get used to that nice treatment!

A reservation was made by a party of six and they arrived exactly at 6 and went into the lounge for before dinner drinks and then they will go into the dining room for their dinner.

Vanessa recognized me and let me come in even though the club opens only at 4 p.m. on a Saturday.  I did not know that but she let me in and we had a nice chat.  She reminded me a lot of my friend Amina in Toronto, small and petite and a whirl of energy.

What a treat it was for me this afternoon just to get away and do something different.

Thanks for dropping in.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The last few busy days

It has been a very busy last few days, what with the move for my friend Wesley which took two days, invitations to lunch, dinner and tea.  I also had a guest myself on Sunday for lunch.

Tomorrow will be my last appointment I have to go to and then I plan to work on paper work which I have shamefully neglected.

I shall be glad to be home with nowhere to go for a while.  I am going with my friend to Martini Night at the Club (I don't drink) but I am sure that they will have soft drinks as well  I thought I would like to have one more experience of a social event before joining the Club.  I have been most impressed so far.

I have some good news - my son will be returning to Canada earlier than I thought.  I thought he might stay until the visa expired.  I learned that last night when I had a long chat with him on Skype.

I shall be glad to see him back in Canada wherever he will go.  Sometimes one has to leave a country to really appreciate the wonderful things of one's own country.

Yesterday was a splendid day for me. My pal Asma came and we were so lucky to get one of the three parking spots downstairs.  My parking spot is quite difficult to get to as it is on the roof and it is two way traffic which is a little more difficult as it goes around in circles and you have to keep on honking.

We always have such a good time together and we are so very close which is a blessing for both of us I am sure.  We ate at the Afghani place in the mall and we plan to do this for each visit as it is a real treat for her to have this kind of food.

I will be editing her book for her and she insists on paying me.  That is very kind of her but I would have done it for free as we are pals.  I also will start my new job as Advertising Manager/Public Relations person some time next week.

This year is shaping up nicely, my son returning, my good friends, plans to join a very nice club and living in a good place.  I am so blessed.

New Year's day at Andrew and Rahel's

My pal Asma at my place

This is such a nice picture of my friend

Enjoy your day, and thanks for dropping by.