Friday, January 20, 2012

Dinner party at the club to say Farewell

As usual, the food was excellent and the staff most attentive.  Our wonderful server took us on a tour of the second and third floors.  There are some really interesting rooms up there.  I am so glad to have been able to get up those stairs to check things out.  Some were not heated.  Wonderful views from up there of not only the street but also of the club.

We went into dinner and the five of us chose what we wanted.  The chef had done a good job with our dietary restrictions.  They certainly could not have been more obliging and made us feel right at home.

Here is a picture that our server took of our little group.

Guests of Honour - Andrew and Rahell, me, Mohamed, Sarah

I chose the pasta dish tonight - next time I will ask for a half portion

Andrew with his expresso coffee
Andrew drove everybody home to their own residences.  Everybody seemed to have a lovely time and chatted easily together.  It really is a shame that Andrew and Rahell are leaving.

I have known Andrew for almost nine years now and know that if there is a need, I can call on him.  He and Rahel often pick up little items for me from the grocery store when they go also.

It was an expensive evening and not one that I will do again for a very, very long time for so many people but well worth it as it was a thank you gift from me and a chance for bonding between the two younger ladies.  Mohammed and Andrew have always gotten along but this is only the third time that Sarah and Rahel have met each other.  I hope that they will keep in touch after Rahel and Andrew move.

I would say that the evening was a success.

Thanks for dropping by and come again when you can.

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