Sunday, January 29, 2012


The snow is falling gently to the waiting pavement below my window.  I sit at the computer, cozy and warm, watching it fall.  My silly cat Boots sits on the window sill and tries to catch the snowflakes as they whirl by.  It was fun to see him in action.  With the glass there, it was a hopeless endeavour on his part but he is having a good time and providing free entertainment for me!

I also am listening to the Scottish programme on 740AM which I love.  It is on for two hours on Sunday afternoons from 4 - 6 and then comes the Irish programme.

I took a look outside at Gore Park and saw that Queen Victoria's statue is now covered in snow, giving her the appearance of a stately lady with velvet white robes.

Gore Park - statue of Queen Victoria

A shot of the glass building next door - white snow flakes

Gore Park - Queen Victoria robed in snow

I have to get on with editing the book - time is flying by so fast and I have a deadline.

I managed to get two hours to edit the book today.  Since Kenny helped me via ' Skype share a screen', it is easier for me now to use Google Chrome documents.

One does not have save at all on that programme which seems rather strange to me but so far it is working.

I find her book a very interesting read so it is both educational for me and uplifting at the same time. It is on religious matters which, of course, interests me very much.

I have edited an African lady's book quite some time ago and she was delighted with the result. Unhappily she died of cancer and her family cannot find her manuscript.  It really is a pity as she described the life of an African woman.  It was a very enlightening book for me to edit and I got to know her quite well through the internet.

I am in touch with her son and her husband from time to time through the internet.

In any event, I could not resist taking a picture of the two laziest cats in the word - Boots and Tiger.  They were curious to see what I was doing when I was snapping pictures of the snow so they came right up and almost stuck their faces into the camera.

Here they are.....

Boots, the more curious of the two

Tiger - the more timid one in spite of his name!

Thanks for dropping by.  Hope you enjoy the pictures and come back again when you have the time.

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