Thursday, July 30, 2015

Quiet time for me for who knows how long?

I have been incapacitated for about 8 days now, unable to walk, sit, stand.  Food is not attractive to me at this time either.

Pain is my unwanted companion, ever present, but unwanted.

I yearn for the day when I can walk, sit and stand again.

Ah well, it is another way to learn more patience I suppose.

They are putting a urgent request for home care for me tomorrow morning so hopefully that will help. I cannot do my regular chores or look after myself well.

My doctor has been away two days so could not get better pain meds but her nurse will bring it to her attention first thing in the morning.

The first ones were very bad for me (Tylenol 3) and they did not even touch the pain.

I hope that I can get something to ease this more than unpleasant pain.  It is debilitating to say the least.

Thanks for dropping by.  It was wonderful to have two friends drop by, Rosemary to pick up my mail downstairs and Janet to do my washing for me.

I am so blessed with good solid friends.

Monday, July 27, 2015

I thought that things would improve

I have followed the doctor's orders, rested, done what I am told but I still cannot walk without a great deal of pain. It is now more than a week.

The Tylenol 3's are not helping with the pain at all but they are making me drowsy which is good.

To even get my morning coffee is a real challenge for me.  I have to use my walker to get into the kitchen, wait for it to drip through, then ferry it back.  There is no room for the walker in my bedroom so have to use a cane and carry it with me from the sitting room into the bedroom.

I am so thankful that I have a walker or otherwise I don't think I could cope right now.

Yesterday I had a reaction to the Tylenol 3, had not been able to eat for a few days and I lost everything that afternoon.  Fortunately, today I was able to stand for a few minutes and cook so that is a step forward.

I hope this silly sciatic nerve gets lost real soon!

Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday -a day to stay indoors

I am so thankful to say that Pastor Dani, with her sharp eyes, found my Tylenol 3 and I was able to start taking them.  The pain was just too much for me.

She also went grocery shopping for me when she did her own family shopping.  I am so grateful to her.

We had a lovely chat and before she left, she put a load of washing in my machine for me and all I have to do is hang it up now.  I can do that in easy stages.

I am so grateful for all those dear friends who have offered help.  I have to admit that walking inch by inch in pain, is not very helpful to get my regular housework done.  I clean every day faithfully but now it is a real effort just to do the most elemental things.

My son will come on Tuesday and do another load of washing for me and perhaps he can move some heavy things that I cannot do right now.

I am quite surprised how unhelpful CCAC has been.  When I feel better, I will look into it more.

The Thylenol 3 pills are helping somewhat - at least they are making me feel sleepy.

I am so grateful for Kathy lending me some meds which I will return in due course.

My friend in Peterborough will come to look after me for a few days once his ankle is better.

Much to be thankful for in these difficult days.

It was good of you to drop by.  Hope you enjoyed your little visit to this site.

Friday, July 24, 2015

A bright spot in the middle of a difficult day

Thanks to my friend Jeff who picked me up along with our friend Andre, I was able to enjoy time at the waterfront in spite of my current difficulties.

It did me the world of good, being in such good company, being near the water and enjoying a gorgeous evening.

Although I may have a difficult road ahead of me health wise, the most important thing for me is to remain optimistic and to see the day when I can walk again and do things myself.

I may have to ask CCAC for help as I cannot seem to manage things at home right now.

Thanks to Jeff, I was able to get to Whitehern and my birthday celebration and now to the waterfront.  Thanks to Jennifer, I was able to get to the club for lunch.

I walk so slow now (inch by inch) that crossing Main Street is a real adventure.

I may even write a poem about this "interesting" experience - there is some humour in it, particularly trying to cross a busy, busy street .......

Here are some great pictures from last night.

I love these flowers whose name I cannot remember


Add caption


Pier 8 at night

Thanks for dropping by.  Have a great day or evening, depending where you are in this world of ours.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Be thankful in everything

My dear friend Jeff picked me up in his car and took me to Whitehern.  He helped me onto a chair when we got there and then went to find a parking spot.  He is very strong and was a marvellous support on my inch by inch walk along the garden path.

I could not have gone without his help.  The group were celebrating my birthday today so I could not let them down.  Doug Feaver was playing at Whitehern today and as usual, was well appreciated by the audience. Doug even sang Happy Birthday for both Nonni and I.  Very much appreciated.

One of our number, Ruby, is in the hospital.  Grace also was away but on a little trip up north.

We had a wonderful time and my friend Mohammed brought a bridge club friend to Whitehern for the first time.  She seemed to enjoy it.  Her name is Lucy.

Jeff brought me back home in the car but to the back entrance this time which was safer due to my lack of speed.

Two of my neighours saw me trying to walk and both helped me.  John came in (my next door neighbour) and he will take my DVD's back to the library for me.

I am so blessed with good people in my life.  Although this is a really painful experience, it shows me that there are good folk out there and there is much to be thankful for.

Here are some pictures from today including the yummy birthday cake.

Joanne - the best cake maker in the world!

Cute little birthday greeting

This cake was so good.....

A peak inside the cake
                                          Jeff in blue, and Andre is cream colour and orange.  

What a nice way to celebrate my birthday with good friends.

Thanks for dropping by.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lunch with my friend Jennifer at the Hamilton Club

We had a wonderful time together this afternoon.  Friends are such blessings and should be cherished.

Due to my affliction of not being able to walk at the moment (baby steps only) and with a lot of pain, it was a challenge to cross Main Street.  I was so grateful that Jennifer was with me.

Somehow we made it although it was nerve racking and we entered with my pass card at the side door.  I found it somewhat difficult even to get there but stubborn as I am, I would not give up.

The girls (staff members) say to call them if I need a hand and one of them will come over and bring me back and forth safely.  What fantastic gals they are! I usually go myself without any difficulty but since this problem with my hip, it is risky to walk.  Even I think I will need to use my walker at home for  awhile.

We had such a lovely and happy time together.  Our meals were delicious as usual and more than adequate to say the least.

After lunch we went into the lounge just to chat.  Jennifer made sure I got home all right and I was so grateful to her as this is a little bit of a difficult time for me.

Here are some pictures from today.



A nice picture of both of us at the Club

Two good friends together

A head shot taken by Jennifer

I am so blessed with such good friends as Jennifer.  Tomorrow they are celebrating my birthday at Whitehern so I will take some more pictures.

I love living in Hamilton where people are down to earth, sensible and are friendly.

One of the best decisions I ever made was moving to Hamilton at the request of my son.

Friday, July 17, 2015

A splendid time at the club

We had a full table of friends in the dining room last night.  I, myself, hardly eat anything at night but others had a full course meal.

From my usual group of older friends, only Diane and Dave were there and they left about 6:30. I planned to leave too but walked to the side entrance and saw another group of younger friends hanging out in the little den.

They asked me to join them which I did and we eventually ended up in the dining room for dinner.

We had a ball.  Another late night for me but that was wonderful.  Linda and Kelly walked me home which is very kind of them as it was late.

I really love going to the club - my home away from home.....

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Wi Fi now at home

My son Ken ordered it for me and brought it up and installed it.  Now I can check my emails from anywhere while out and if there is WiFi plus read books from the library.

He sure has patience.  I am not a technical person at all but am trying to become better with the Wi Fi.and the Tablet.

Somehow he also connected his Skype phone so he can get calls when he happens to be here.

All beyond my scope, but I am so thankful that he is so good at things like that.

Thanks for dropping by.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Carmen and I - lunch at the club

Today was an easier day, less busy.  Carmen met me at the club.  She saw an older lady walking with her walker on the red light and she was most fearful that the whizzing cars would hit her.

The lady must have been confused or did not see well.  Fortunately, she was safe.

We had a lovely lunch together and caught up on all the news.  She hopes to come once to the Whitehern concerts and sit with our gang.

I did not take pictures today for some reason.  I had my camera with me though.  After lunch we continued chatting in a nice sitting area.

She left around 3:30 and I went home.  It was a nice time.

Thanks for dropping by.

Christa and Janet for tea at the club

Wednesday was a very busy day, Whitehern concert first with a lovely picnic with sandwiches and yummy cheese cake and nibbles.  It was the first concert of the season. Most of our gang was there which was nice.

I had to leave a little early as I was expecting guests at the club.  We had tea beside the fireplace (not lit due to the hot weather and the fact the club is now air conditioned). We had an amazing time and the gals really enjoyed it.

Here are some pictures.

Christa and I

they shared a sugar tart

Christa and Janet

I really enjoyed their company and we plan to do it again at some point.

Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

An interesting visit from an old friend

My old friend arrived at about 10:30 on the Thursday.  He made good time from Peterborough.  We went to the club for lunch which he enjoyed.  This is his second visit to the club.  We went back for Martini hour as well on that same day. He enjoyed meeting some of my friends there.  It was a day for meeting people.  I met my friend Jeff at the free concert at Pier 8 and introduced him and Muhammad.  Henry was playing in the band and the lady singing had a great voice!

Here is a picture.

Sami in front
Wilma, Muhammad, Mohammad at Pier 8

The next day, Friday, Muhammad and I went to Princess Point for a few hours. He liked it there very much.  We met a very interesting lady who is Hungarian and also a herbalist.  Nice, nice person who shared her knowledge with us.

As I usually do, I brought my camera.

Peterborough Muhammad
More wild flowers
a tree returning to nature naturally
We were both foot sore so rested for an hour or so and then met Mohammad and he took us to Burlington on Burlington bus.  We walked in Spencer Smith Park and then we had a coffee at a coffee shop on the main street, then went to catch the Hamilton No. 11 bus where we could use our Hamilton Seniors pass and a Hamilton bus ticket for Peterborough Muhammad.

It was very nice there - Burlington crowd seems quite different from Hamilton. Lots of young people in the outdoor cafes.

Saturday, Anna and Bill came down and I met them at the Station and then we had home made chicken soup which the kids loved and banana bread if I am remembering correctly.  We then took the free shuttle bus down to Pier 8 and took the little train.  Everybody enjoyed that.  Anna took a picture of Muhammad on her camera

It is on the little train.

After the kids went back to Kitchener, we just relaxed and chatted.  I brought him to church on Sunday and everybody welcomed him and he was very friendly to all he met.  After a soup lunch, he left to visit relatives in Toronto and I relaxed and did two loads of washing.

I enjoyed the company but it was a very busy time and I am happy to have my quiet times back.

Two friends from church are coming for tea at the Club on Wednesday and Carmen and I are meeting for lunch on Friday.  My friends, Mary and Joe, will be coming in August as well from Toronto so there is a lot to look forward to.

Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

First day at Pier 8 in June 2015

A misty look down at Pier 8

A new plaque

New daisies this year

The little bus is running again every half hour.  I sure am glad to see it!

Mohammed and I agreed to meet and as it happened we were on the same bus going to the waterfront.

I was glad to have my jacket with me as it was colder than I thought.  We saw some interesting things down there - very few people but it was great to see a little family of Canada Geese.

Going for a little walk

Huddled together with big Daddy keeping guard
It was wonderful to see these little fellows.  We did not get too close but observed them from a distance.

We ambled our way along the walkway and saw another nice spot.

My good friend Mohammed near the big boat - it is under new management now

We decided to go to Williams Coffee Pub for a waffle which we shared.  It was delicious!  He is such a generous person.  I think in the more than five years we have known each other, he has only let me pay once.  

We took the little bus home around 7:35.   Nice company and good food.  What more can anybody ask for?

Thanks for dropping by.