Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday -a day to stay indoors

I am so thankful to say that Pastor Dani, with her sharp eyes, found my Tylenol 3 and I was able to start taking them.  The pain was just too much for me.

She also went grocery shopping for me when she did her own family shopping.  I am so grateful to her.

We had a lovely chat and before she left, she put a load of washing in my machine for me and all I have to do is hang it up now.  I can do that in easy stages.

I am so grateful for all those dear friends who have offered help.  I have to admit that walking inch by inch in pain, is not very helpful to get my regular housework done.  I clean every day faithfully but now it is a real effort just to do the most elemental things.

My son will come on Tuesday and do another load of washing for me and perhaps he can move some heavy things that I cannot do right now.

I am quite surprised how unhelpful CCAC has been.  When I feel better, I will look into it more.

The Thylenol 3 pills are helping somewhat - at least they are making me feel sleepy.

I am so grateful for Kathy lending me some meds which I will return in due course.

My friend in Peterborough will come to look after me for a few days once his ankle is better.

Much to be thankful for in these difficult days.

It was good of you to drop by.  Hope you enjoyed your little visit to this site.

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