Wednesday, July 1, 2015

First day at Pier 8 in June 2015

A misty look down at Pier 8

A new plaque

New daisies this year

The little bus is running again every half hour.  I sure am glad to see it!

Mohammed and I agreed to meet and as it happened we were on the same bus going to the waterfront.

I was glad to have my jacket with me as it was colder than I thought.  We saw some interesting things down there - very few people but it was great to see a little family of Canada Geese.

Going for a little walk

Huddled together with big Daddy keeping guard
It was wonderful to see these little fellows.  We did not get too close but observed them from a distance.

We ambled our way along the walkway and saw another nice spot.

My good friend Mohammed near the big boat - it is under new management now

We decided to go to Williams Coffee Pub for a waffle which we shared.  It was delicious!  He is such a generous person.  I think in the more than five years we have known each other, he has only let me pay once.  

We took the little bus home around 7:35.   Nice company and good food.  What more can anybody ask for?

Thanks for dropping by.

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