Sunday, July 5, 2015

An interesting visit from an old friend

My old friend arrived at about 10:30 on the Thursday.  He made good time from Peterborough.  We went to the club for lunch which he enjoyed.  This is his second visit to the club.  We went back for Martini hour as well on that same day. He enjoyed meeting some of my friends there.  It was a day for meeting people.  I met my friend Jeff at the free concert at Pier 8 and introduced him and Muhammad.  Henry was playing in the band and the lady singing had a great voice!

Here is a picture.

Sami in front
Wilma, Muhammad, Mohammad at Pier 8

The next day, Friday, Muhammad and I went to Princess Point for a few hours. He liked it there very much.  We met a very interesting lady who is Hungarian and also a herbalist.  Nice, nice person who shared her knowledge with us.

As I usually do, I brought my camera.

Peterborough Muhammad
More wild flowers
a tree returning to nature naturally
We were both foot sore so rested for an hour or so and then met Mohammad and he took us to Burlington on Burlington bus.  We walked in Spencer Smith Park and then we had a coffee at a coffee shop on the main street, then went to catch the Hamilton No. 11 bus where we could use our Hamilton Seniors pass and a Hamilton bus ticket for Peterborough Muhammad.

It was very nice there - Burlington crowd seems quite different from Hamilton. Lots of young people in the outdoor cafes.

Saturday, Anna and Bill came down and I met them at the Station and then we had home made chicken soup which the kids loved and banana bread if I am remembering correctly.  We then took the free shuttle bus down to Pier 8 and took the little train.  Everybody enjoyed that.  Anna took a picture of Muhammad on her camera

It is on the little train.

After the kids went back to Kitchener, we just relaxed and chatted.  I brought him to church on Sunday and everybody welcomed him and he was very friendly to all he met.  After a soup lunch, he left to visit relatives in Toronto and I relaxed and did two loads of washing.

I enjoyed the company but it was a very busy time and I am happy to have my quiet times back.

Two friends from church are coming for tea at the Club on Wednesday and Carmen and I are meeting for lunch on Friday.  My friends, Mary and Joe, will be coming in August as well from Toronto so there is a lot to look forward to.

Thanks for dropping by.

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