Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Back on line again - thanks to my son

Am back on line with the regular computer.  My son fixed everything up for me and now I can do  everything like before.

Within the next few days I plan to write more on the blog.

Have a great day.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Annual Christmas lunch at the club

Once a year, my groups of friends called the Whitehern Group come to the Hamilton Club for lunch.

Everybody dresses up a little bit more than usual and this year we were in the Main Dining Room underneath the King's picture.

We all picked what we wanted to order and some of us ordered their delicious soup while others ordered different things which did not come with soup.

I usually get the special as it is the most economical and it comes with a small bowl of wonderful soup which mostly fills me up to the brim and I end up taking most of my main course home.

This way, I have lunch or supper the next day.  Nothing could be more economical than that!  I do that in restaurants as well as I can never finish a regular size portion.

Three of our regular group was missing. Marisol, Anita and Sami.  Hopefully next year we will all be together.

Here are some shots.

Lady in black vest - Grace  Lady in Red sweater - Wilma

Left - Jeff in blue shirt, Joanne in the centre, and Ruby on the right

Front row,  Wilma, Grace, Andre

Back row, Mohammed, Ruby, Jeff, Joanne

I had five copies made of this photo for those who do not use the computer so will give them out the next time I see them.

All in all, a lovely afternoon.  We left around 3 o'clock I think. It made a very nice long lunch, from 11:30 onwards, no rushing

As far as I know, it was a good time had by all.

Thanks for dropping by.

Group picture - taken by Amanda, the Membership Director of the Club.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


What a lovely time we had at TWAS, which was put on by Whitehern Historical House.  The first part of the evening was at St. Paul's church hall where there is a stage and plenty of room for people to gather. It is accessible to the church hall through the Miller Room which is next to the kitchen area.

Whitehern is just a very short walk through the side door (chapel entrance) of St. Paul's and after the excellent programme, people were invited to come and view Whitehern and its Christmas decorations.

Here are some pictures which I took at St. Paul's hall.  Some are better than others due to the dark panelling of the woodwork, but most are okay.


Jeff- one of the amazing readers

the dance troupe

The amazing dance group

St.Nicolas -  Andre
A lovely young reader - Miranda
the multi-talented dancers
The participants of this drama

A beautiful young reader - Ava

I particularly enjoyed the violinist and his beautiful renditions.   You will notice his picture
in the photo of Jeff reading.

If this wonderful play was not enough, coffee and tea was served as well as plates of shortbreads, plum pudding, and yummy butter tarts made by the talented sister of Liz, the organizer of this marvellous event.

All for the very reasonable price of $15.00.

It would be very nice if this would become an annual event but the amount of work involved may be too much.  We will have to wait and see till next December.

All in all, a really fantastic evening, spent with a good group of people in the audience who appreciated the hard work and energy of the ones doing the performing and organizing of this event.

Thanks for dropping by.


Due to the busyness of life, we haven't been able to see each other in quite some time which really is sad as we are very close friends, both herself and her dear husband.  They are family to me.

During my long time in the hospital, they both came to visit me, once at home before I was hospitalized but unable to get around or do anything for myself and once in the Convalescent Hospital.  They don't live in Hamilton so it meant some effort to come and see me plus highway driving.

Carmen invited me to lunch at Swiss Chalet and we went to the one on Upper James which I did not know existed.

We had a delightful time and she took some pictures with her camera which I will post here once she sends them to me.

All in all, a nice time!

Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Bibles & Bagels Christmas gathering 2015

Daniella picked me up in the very crowded down town location where I live.  She could not get near me as there was a huge bus just sitting so she parked behind it, ran out of her car and I saw her and went as fast as I could and clambered into her cute little car.

Fortunately the traffic was only bad in the down town area and we made good time as we journeyed to Stonechurch.  I like it out there but would find it rather isolating unless you drive.  I have quite a few friends who live in this residence which would be nice, but again, for me it is isolated up there. It is lovely in the summer though but in the winter, it certainly is a different matter!

I just took a few shots of the food, and some of the wonderful decorations.  We had Italian food this time and I just loved it.  We all share in the cost of the food.  Daniella brought me home again which was great of her.  I am not fussy about standing in an isolated spot waiting half an hour for a bus!

This group is a very close knit group and it was from among this group, that so much help came for me before I entered the hospital.  I think the world of them and cherish their friendships.

Here are some shots.

Sitting around - waiting for some of the Italian food to appear.  Only a few of the gals.  Left to right, Joyce, Rosie, Siggie, Janina, Daniella

Another shot of the table - left to right, Joyce, Rosie,Siggie, Hanna, the hostess with the mostest, and Sabine standing.

A picture of Waltraut taking a picture with her tablet. Left to right, Christa, Waltraut, Joyce, Rosie, Siggie, Daniella,
Hanna, Sabine and Janet.
Waltraut made this scrumptious dessert

A chocolate moose (spelling) to die for

Hanna and Gerhard's tree

Not only did our wonderful host have her place decorated so tastefully, but she outdid herself with the food.

I had a really wonderful time and God Willing, will look forward to it next year.

Thanks for dropping by.