Saturday, December 5, 2015

Bibles & Bagels Christmas gathering 2015

Daniella picked me up in the very crowded down town location where I live.  She could not get near me as there was a huge bus just sitting so she parked behind it, ran out of her car and I saw her and went as fast as I could and clambered into her cute little car.

Fortunately the traffic was only bad in the down town area and we made good time as we journeyed to Stonechurch.  I like it out there but would find it rather isolating unless you drive.  I have quite a few friends who live in this residence which would be nice, but again, for me it is isolated up there. It is lovely in the summer though but in the winter, it certainly is a different matter!

I just took a few shots of the food, and some of the wonderful decorations.  We had Italian food this time and I just loved it.  We all share in the cost of the food.  Daniella brought me home again which was great of her.  I am not fussy about standing in an isolated spot waiting half an hour for a bus!

This group is a very close knit group and it was from among this group, that so much help came for me before I entered the hospital.  I think the world of them and cherish their friendships.

Here are some shots.

Sitting around - waiting for some of the Italian food to appear.  Only a few of the gals.  Left to right, Joyce, Rosie, Siggie, Janina, Daniella

Another shot of the table - left to right, Joyce, Rosie,Siggie, Hanna, the hostess with the mostest, and Sabine standing.

A picture of Waltraut taking a picture with her tablet. Left to right, Christa, Waltraut, Joyce, Rosie, Siggie, Daniella,
Hanna, Sabine and Janet.
Waltraut made this scrumptious dessert

A chocolate moose (spelling) to die for

Hanna and Gerhard's tree

Not only did our wonderful host have her place decorated so tastefully, but she outdid herself with the food.

I had a really wonderful time and God Willing, will look forward to it next year.

Thanks for dropping by.

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