Thursday, December 10, 2015

Annual Christmas lunch at the club

Once a year, my groups of friends called the Whitehern Group come to the Hamilton Club for lunch.

Everybody dresses up a little bit more than usual and this year we were in the Main Dining Room underneath the King's picture.

We all picked what we wanted to order and some of us ordered their delicious soup while others ordered different things which did not come with soup.

I usually get the special as it is the most economical and it comes with a small bowl of wonderful soup which mostly fills me up to the brim and I end up taking most of my main course home.

This way, I have lunch or supper the next day.  Nothing could be more economical than that!  I do that in restaurants as well as I can never finish a regular size portion.

Three of our regular group was missing. Marisol, Anita and Sami.  Hopefully next year we will all be together.

Here are some shots.

Lady in black vest - Grace  Lady in Red sweater - Wilma

Left - Jeff in blue shirt, Joanne in the centre, and Ruby on the right

Front row,  Wilma, Grace, Andre

Back row, Mohammed, Ruby, Jeff, Joanne

I had five copies made of this photo for those who do not use the computer so will give them out the next time I see them.

All in all, a lovely afternoon.  We left around 3 o'clock I think. It made a very nice long lunch, from 11:30 onwards, no rushing

As far as I know, it was a good time had by all.

Thanks for dropping by.

Group picture - taken by Amanda, the Membership Director of the Club.

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