Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dog sitting

I usually do cat sitting in my building but dog sitting is different.  I have to go to their place, feed the dog, walk the dog and stay with the dog for most of the day.

Friday and Saturday will be devoted solely to that.  It is a cute little dog and I am very fond of her owner so it is not a problem at all to do this. I shall look forward to sitting out in the backyard and reading and playing with the dog.

On another note, I went to another health food store on James North and got another herbal tea which supports sleep.  I am trying it tonight. 

The concert today was super at Whitehern Historical Building. It was Ruth Sutherland and Doug Feaver performing. I always enjoy hearing them.

It was the last concert for this summer.  Some friends from Sarnia came so that was nice as well.

All in all, a good day.  Went to the Afghani grocery store and got some couscous in a large bag (did not sell small amounts) so am sharing it around with my neighbours.

Fortunately I love couscous.  I learned to eat it in Morrocco.

Thanks for dropping by.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sleepless in Hamilton

I must say that this is getting a little much.  I doubt that I will go anywhere for a little while as I am sleep deprived.

It really is too bad as I may miss the last Whitehern Concert tomorrow and the little bus down to the waterfront will stop on labour day.

I am waiting for a spot in a Sleep Disorder Clinic.  Apparently Hamilton has two of them.

I hope it comes pretty fast!

Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I found what I was looking for at Canadian Tire

I needed a new clothes dryer rack. I had hoped to find one that would go over a door but did not.  However, I found one which is almost as good. It is free standing and has lots of space on it.

Andrew, my former neighbour came for a brief visit and brought me over to Canadian Tire.  I took a taxi home but it was worth it.

It is very warm out and humid so I don't plan on any strenuous activities until that is over.  Of course, it does not help that I did not sleep again last night.

Sarah has invited me to her place tomorrow.  It will all depend if I sleep or not tonight. 

Food sure has gone up in price.  What I paid $1.49 for at Mcdonald's I now pay $2.40 and it is the same thing!  The caramel sunday was good but what a price!

I think that it may be a few more years before I buy another.  I shudder to think what it might cost at that time.

Take care and thanks for dropping by.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Goodbye dear friend

I should say "au revoir" rather than goodbye.  Goodbye is so final. For those of us who believe in God, it is only "see you again", rather than farewell forever.

I went to Jennie Marcheson's funeral today.  It was held at Dodsworth  &Brown Funeral Home at 1 p.m. 

I was very touched by this saying on the bulletin which was given out.

"A loving mother,so gentle and kind. What a wonderful memory she left behind, God Himself knew what was best.  He took her home and gave her rest."

Family members spoke about Jen, about her honesty, integrity and her kind and gentle ways. 

I have known Jen for quite a few years now - sometimes bumping into her in Jackson's Square, sometimes seeing her at the Freeway and I will miss seeing her around and having a cheery word with her.

Her creativity is well known to her friends, from making buttons, to stringing beads and more.  I hardly ever saw Jennie without her trusty camera at the ready to snap a shot. Jennie led a group of handicrafters at the Freeway which I am sure was appreciated.  Jennie took pictures of everything, from politicians to street people.  She was not shy and would go up and ask people if she could take their picture.  Most people said yes.  Speaking of politicians, Jason Farr was there.  It was good to see my city councillor at this function.

She also joined in the Seniors Social and when Widows and Widowers met, she came sometimes to that meeting.

Although material-wise she did not have much, her generosity was legendary.  If she had taken a picture and you were in it, she would make sure that you would have that picture.

She would make buttons and other things and give them to people, all out of her own pocket money.

She died at home on the 17th of August.  She was only 65 and had just started to need a walker. She was an artist at The Cottage Studio as well. 

She will be missed as she brightened the corner wherever she was.

Rest in Peace, Jen.  See you again.

For a better picture of Jen and to view some of the remarks said about her, please go to

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sleep, blessed sleep!

Last night I took my old pill and did not take the new one, and it is now working again.  I slept from 11 p.m. until 8:15 this morning.

It is hard to imagine what sleep can do for you until you are deprived as long as I have been.  If I can get more nights of sleep like that, I will be fine again and ready for my regular activities.

I had a wonderful time with my Montreal friends yesterday.  Having a little one around was such a delight for me.  Monica picked me up at 1 p.m. and brought me back for about 8:30 p.m.

We went to take the little one to the amusement park which is part of the Cactus Festival which was also going on in the main street.  After her three rides and three games, we walked back home through the festival.

I felt extremely fatigued by that time and was glad to get back to their house.  We sat on the patio and the little one played with bubbles which was fun to see.

After supper Monica drove me home. 

What an enjoyable afternoon and evening for me.  Wish I had been more up to it than I was.  I will only see Trudy again next year when she comes here for a week again.



Monica and Kayla


Blowing bubbles - oh what fun!

At the dinner table.

Wonderful company, fantastic dinner and old memories revived and revisited.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

An update

The best cat napper there is!  Even takes a nap in the clean litter box and stays there for hours. 

While tiger naps, Boots eats!  What a combination.  The best of pals too!
Three people have e-mailed or phoned me with regards to the long silence on my blog wondering if I am okay.

What a wonderful thing to do - concern for others welfare is so important, isn't it?

One of those friends who lives in Hamilton decided to take me out in order to divert my mind.  We went to a nice cafe on Bold and Augusta, the next day we went down to the waterfront and had a soft drink at the new cafe there.

Another school chum of mine from Grade 8, sent me an e-mail asking after me and another friend called me.

What a wonderful safeguard this blog is.  People do notice if something is out of order.

It was a comfort for me to know these people cared about my welfare and followed up on their thoughts.

Thank you dear friends for your caring.

An update on this situation, is that I am taking little cat naps at night.  A few minutes of sleep, then hours of lying awake, then another few minutes of sleep.

This is a step forward, in my opinion, until I can see the Sleep Disorder Clinic and hopefully get to the bottom of this problem.

With these little cap naps, I am now functioning better, am able to cook again, and my brain is working better.

A major step forward!

I'll keep you posted and hopefully the cat naps will become longer than a few minutes each time.

Dundas here I come.  I am getting picked up in the early afternoon for a visit

Saturday, August 18, 2012

My apolgies for the silence

Since the 7th of August, I have been struggling with very little sleep.  So far, it has won and even with medication from the doctor to help, I am only able to snatch the occasional sleep which is not a restful one at all.

As you can imagine, my brain is having trouble coping and there were some days I was even afraid to turn on the stove to make supper.

I contacted Telehealth, did research on the internet and read a wonderful book on sleep that my son gave me.  I am doing everything in my power to beat this problem.  I am now waiting for a spot at a sleep disorder clinic. Hopefully that will help as I am missing so many things.  I missed a trip to St. Jacobs with my Montreal friends, medical appointmentss and other things as it was too risky for me to go outside by myself.

So far, the winner is not me!  On a happier and productive note, a friend of mine, Mohammad, called for me after work yesterday and we went to the Radius Cafe on James South for a couple of hours.  It was very nice of him to think of that idea.  He treated me to a nice quiche which was very tasty.

One of the positive things also is that my downsizing is going quite well.  I do a little bit each day and when I am back to normal, I will take it all to the Salvation Army. 

That is the reason for the long silence.  I don't have much to say and it is very hard to concentrate with lack of sleep.

Thanks for reading this blog and drop by at any time.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Victor Believe in Yourself Movie

Victor Believe in Yourself Movie: Words are VERY careful what you allow to sink in to your own mental factory and be equally as careful when speaking to others, especially those you care about. Words can destroy just as easily as they can build up.

Obama hosts Ramadan Iftar reception at White House

Obama hosts Ramadan Iftar reception at White House