Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dog sitting

I usually do cat sitting in my building but dog sitting is different.  I have to go to their place, feed the dog, walk the dog and stay with the dog for most of the day.

Friday and Saturday will be devoted solely to that.  It is a cute little dog and I am very fond of her owner so it is not a problem at all to do this. I shall look forward to sitting out in the backyard and reading and playing with the dog.

On another note, I went to another health food store on James North and got another herbal tea which supports sleep.  I am trying it tonight. 

The concert today was super at Whitehern Historical Building. It was Ruth Sutherland and Doug Feaver performing. I always enjoy hearing them.

It was the last concert for this summer.  Some friends from Sarnia came so that was nice as well.

All in all, a good day.  Went to the Afghani grocery store and got some couscous in a large bag (did not sell small amounts) so am sharing it around with my neighbours.

Fortunately I love couscous.  I learned to eat it in Morrocco.

Thanks for dropping by.

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