Sunday, August 19, 2012

An update

The best cat napper there is!  Even takes a nap in the clean litter box and stays there for hours. 

While tiger naps, Boots eats!  What a combination.  The best of pals too!
Three people have e-mailed or phoned me with regards to the long silence on my blog wondering if I am okay.

What a wonderful thing to do - concern for others welfare is so important, isn't it?

One of those friends who lives in Hamilton decided to take me out in order to divert my mind.  We went to a nice cafe on Bold and Augusta, the next day we went down to the waterfront and had a soft drink at the new cafe there.

Another school chum of mine from Grade 8, sent me an e-mail asking after me and another friend called me.

What a wonderful safeguard this blog is.  People do notice if something is out of order.

It was a comfort for me to know these people cared about my welfare and followed up on their thoughts.

Thank you dear friends for your caring.

An update on this situation, is that I am taking little cat naps at night.  A few minutes of sleep, then hours of lying awake, then another few minutes of sleep.

This is a step forward, in my opinion, until I can see the Sleep Disorder Clinic and hopefully get to the bottom of this problem.

With these little cap naps, I am now functioning better, am able to cook again, and my brain is working better.

A major step forward!

I'll keep you posted and hopefully the cat naps will become longer than a few minutes each time.

Dundas here I come.  I am getting picked up in the early afternoon for a visit

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