Friday, August 24, 2012

Goodbye dear friend

I should say "au revoir" rather than goodbye.  Goodbye is so final. For those of us who believe in God, it is only "see you again", rather than farewell forever.

I went to Jennie Marcheson's funeral today.  It was held at Dodsworth  &Brown Funeral Home at 1 p.m. 

I was very touched by this saying on the bulletin which was given out.

"A loving mother,so gentle and kind. What a wonderful memory she left behind, God Himself knew what was best.  He took her home and gave her rest."

Family members spoke about Jen, about her honesty, integrity and her kind and gentle ways. 

I have known Jen for quite a few years now - sometimes bumping into her in Jackson's Square, sometimes seeing her at the Freeway and I will miss seeing her around and having a cheery word with her.

Her creativity is well known to her friends, from making buttons, to stringing beads and more.  I hardly ever saw Jennie without her trusty camera at the ready to snap a shot. Jennie led a group of handicrafters at the Freeway which I am sure was appreciated.  Jennie took pictures of everything, from politicians to street people.  She was not shy and would go up and ask people if she could take their picture.  Most people said yes.  Speaking of politicians, Jason Farr was there.  It was good to see my city councillor at this function.

She also joined in the Seniors Social and when Widows and Widowers met, she came sometimes to that meeting.

Although material-wise she did not have much, her generosity was legendary.  If she had taken a picture and you were in it, she would make sure that you would have that picture.

She would make buttons and other things and give them to people, all out of her own pocket money.

She died at home on the 17th of August.  She was only 65 and had just started to need a walker. She was an artist at The Cottage Studio as well. 

She will be missed as she brightened the corner wherever she was.

Rest in Peace, Jen.  See you again.

For a better picture of Jen and to view some of the remarks said about her, please go to

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