Monday, October 29, 2012


Norma West Linder and James Deahl came to Hamilton to have a joint book launch of their latest books.

It was a very cozy affair, held in Artword/Artbar on  Colbourne Street.  For those unfamiliar with this very attractive venue and the lovely people who run it, please google Artword/Artbar in Hamilton, Ontario. Judith and Ron are super hosts and always are welcoming to their guests.  They hold poetry readings, musical events and live plays there and good wholesome food is available at reasonable prices.

The weather was not very welcoming, unfortunately, with sheets of rain pouring from the overcast skies but this did not damper the good will and happiness of those who braved the elements.

Norma West Linder read from her latest book Adder's Tongue first which was very appreciated by the people present.  To learn more about this prolific writer, please google her name on a search engine.  She has been writing for forty years.

Michael Mirolla of Guernica Editions also enthralled the audience with reading from his work.  It was good to see him, his wife and his brother there from Toronto.
James Deahl rounded off the afternoon with readings from his book North of Belleville, a beautiful book of both poetry and photographs.  It was a pleasure to hear him perform again.

The afternoon finished at approximaely 5 p.m. and some returned to Sarnia, some to Toronto but the majority went to their homes in Hamilton.

Judith -  joint owner of ArtWord/Artbar

James Deahl

Norma West Linder
Michael Mirolla



James and Norma

All in all, a very cozy and wonderful afternoon.  Several people remarked about it being so wonderful to have poetry readings once again in the afternoons at Artword/Artbar.

Thanks for dropping by and please come by again when you have the time.

Friday, October 26, 2012


Today I watched the funeral procession  for "Linc" from my window.  It was very impressive and many people were on the street lining the way.

The funeral will be held at the Hamilton Convention Center right near me.  There are 1,000 places available for the public. It is first come, first served.

CHCH, our Hamilton television station, will be covering the funeral and I plan on watching it.

I have heard that it is to be a celebration of his life and achievements with many dignitaries attending.  The last time I saw him and his wife Marni was for Shirley Elford's funeral which was held at Liuna Station.  I had the opportunity of holding the door open for them.  They both thanked me for doing that. Very gracious people.

I shall miss seeing him around Jackson Square in his nifty scooter.  He also was an honourary member of the Hamilton Club. 

To see more of his accomplishments, please google his name. 

Linc was a beloved statesman, good family man, member of Steward Memorial Church and achieved so much in his 90 years of living on this earth.

May he rest in peace.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunday and Monday at Princess Point

The weather has been heavenly, to say the very least.  Warm temperatures, bright and sunny.  The fall colours are in full bloom and people are out enjoying the beautiful trails in Hamilton.

I was no exception on Sunday.  In the afternoon I went to Princess Point to walk the trail.  I met many others, families, single people, couples with dogs, all were pleasant and friendly.

I took many pictures to show the area with its beautiful water and the fall colours.

One of my favourite trees there - the weeping willow - now with green and yellow leaves

The pictures really do not do the area justice.  This is my favourite side to walk on where the trail is.  The other side is more for runners, bikers and skateboarders but there are now three sets of benches there which is good.

I love the gnarled trees

The path with its carpet of leaves

The sun made the leaves glimmer

So much beauty, and so easy to get to on a city bus.  The No. 6 Aberdeen bus goes there.

It was so peaceful there on Sunday, saw lots of people and spoke to many of them.  I had my note pad with me and some phrases for a poem came to my mind.

Today, Monday, my friend Kevin and I went down to the paved side and took a few pictures.

It was again a very nice day.  We had a good time and Kevin took some pictures which he will forward to me.

Here is what I took today.

Still some hardy flowers living on this date

On the paved side - not so wild but still nice

I wrote a poem at this wharf one year

A cute little bug on Kevin's finger - he stayed for quite some time then flew away!

A lovely day spent close to home but not at home!  Rain is forcast for tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Thanksgiving Sunday, October 7, 2012

I went to St. John's as the service was at 11 a.m. instead of the summer hours.  It was a lovely service and the church was decorated to reflect the fall colours as well as a good harvest.  It was nice to see everybody again as well.

Food brought in to decorate will also be used later to help those in need in the community

A view of the main alter

One of the many wreaths hanging in the windows

It was so nice to see people again.  I had a lovely chat with Kathy and heard all her news.  All in all, a very positive experience being there.

Rosel dropped me at my place and I puttered around until it was time to take the bus to my son's place.  I like his new apartment and it is slowly getting finished.  It will give him some privacy and his "own space" for the foreseeable future.

I love the area there as it is strictly families.  The only disadvantage is that the bus only runs every half hour to downtown and after six p.m. only every hour.  He bought himself a new bike and now rides most places instead of walking.  He seems very happy which makes me happy!

It was Lit Live last night but by the time I got back from supper, I was too tired to go out again so had a very early night. 

At this time of writing, early Monday morning, I plan to make pida bread and get ready for my dinner invitation to Rosel's place.  I am so spoiled but I love it!  I also have a few interesting things coming up this week.  Super with Rosel today, tomorrow night, an interview on a Vancouver radio station regarding my poetry, and then an invitation to Sam's for supper on Wednesday.

A good week shaping up!

Thanks for dropping by and come again when you feel like it.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tea anyone?

Since the weather turned colder, I have been getting ready for the winter at home here.

I love this time of year, I feel so cozy and secure at home.  I have been experimenting with different spices and seeds to make herbal tea.

It is great fun for me.

loose tea bought from tea store - made with flowers

In dish - fennel seeds which I am drying after drinking the tea from it.

tea making equipment

fruit tea in tea ball

Fennel seeds drying to make potpouri

once empty jar, now starting to be filled with used tea fixings plus a sieve.

Home made potpouri - nice scent - no waste here!

I would say that tea made with fennel, or caraway seeds, rosemary, mint and the list could go on and on, is very economical, good tasting and healthy.  The best place to get these ingredients are Middle Eastern stores as they are much cheaper to buy there than a tea store.

After one drinks the tea made from any of the above ingredients, then spread the ingrediants from the tea ball out on a plate and dry for several days.  Then take an old bottle and slowly fill it up to have a pleasant scent.  Can add essential oils once the natural scene is gone but should not have to do that very often.

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy a nice cup of herbal tea, a good book and pleasant music.  Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

I would like to make one addition to this list of teas.  In the case of Rosemary, one needs one (1) tablespoon of rosemary to 8 ozs.  Best way to get the smell through the house (smells wonderful) is to cook it in a pot on top of the stove slowly and then pour the liquid through a strainer and drink it.  I find that it makes a stronger drink that way and worth the effort.

Thanks again for dropping by.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Thanksgiving buffet at the club

As is usual, Michael and his team did a fabulous job with the buffet.  Mary, the pastry chef, made the most wonderful apple pie.  The crust was scrumptious. 

In my opinion, the staff are well organized and try their best to make things enjoyable.

I enjoyed the great tasting food. 

After the buffet luncheon, I decided to go and get some more herbs to prepare for the upcoming winter.  So many herbs can be made into delicious teas which benefit the body.

It was martini night, so I met some friends at the club.  They went in to dinner about 7 p.m. and I went home as I was still pleasantly stuffed from the luncheon.

It was very kind of them to invite me to join them for dinner though.

Thanks for dropping by.