Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunday and Monday at Princess Point

The weather has been heavenly, to say the very least.  Warm temperatures, bright and sunny.  The fall colours are in full bloom and people are out enjoying the beautiful trails in Hamilton.

I was no exception on Sunday.  In the afternoon I went to Princess Point to walk the trail.  I met many others, families, single people, couples with dogs, all were pleasant and friendly.

I took many pictures to show the area with its beautiful water and the fall colours.

One of my favourite trees there - the weeping willow - now with green and yellow leaves

The pictures really do not do the area justice.  This is my favourite side to walk on where the trail is.  The other side is more for runners, bikers and skateboarders but there are now three sets of benches there which is good.

I love the gnarled trees

The path with its carpet of leaves

The sun made the leaves glimmer

So much beauty, and so easy to get to on a city bus.  The No. 6 Aberdeen bus goes there.

It was so peaceful there on Sunday, saw lots of people and spoke to many of them.  I had my note pad with me and some phrases for a poem came to my mind.

Today, Monday, my friend Kevin and I went down to the paved side and took a few pictures.

It was again a very nice day.  We had a good time and Kevin took some pictures which he will forward to me.

Here is what I took today.

Still some hardy flowers living on this date

On the paved side - not so wild but still nice

I wrote a poem at this wharf one year

A cute little bug on Kevin's finger - he stayed for quite some time then flew away!

A lovely day spent close to home but not at home!  Rain is forcast for tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping by.

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