Saturday, November 29, 2008

Stewart Memorial Church

The Sanctuary at Stewart Memorial

This church is designated as an Ontario Historic Site and is located at 114 John Street North, in Hamilton, Ontario.

It's original name was St. Paul's African Methodist Episopal Church when it was founded in 1835. It is the longest surviving predominantly Black congregation within the City of Hamilton.

It's first structure was log and it was located on Rebecca Street. The congregation acquired its present building in 1879.

In 1937, it severed ties with the African Methodist Episcopal body and formed a non-denominational church, renamed in commemoration of the previous minister, Reverend Claude A. Stewart.

Its history attests to the importance of the church as both a religious and a social centre of Hamiltonians of African descent. The first influx of fugitive slaves into the Hamilton area was in the 1820's.

On April 13, 1993, it was declared an Ontario Historic Site.

It was my pleasure to be invited to attend the annual Turkey dinner on November 27th,in celebration of the American Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving dinner each year is celebrated by this church on the American Thanksgiving, as the founding fathers and mothers came originally from the United States of America.

Not only was a delicious turkey dinner with all the trimmings served, but entertainment was also provided. It was wonderful to see Hamilton's Police Chief and police personnel as well as several city officials come to enjoy fellowship and the meal with the assembled diners. There were four sittings for this meal which gives an idea of how many people attended this function! The young people served and did a splendid job, and all with good humour and smiles even with such a crowd!

Among the entertainers were Colina Phillips, who was born in Nova Scotia and had lived in Hamilton for a year before moving away. She sang backup for Anne Murray, Murray McLauchlan, Ronnie Hawkins, Long John Baldry, Ronnie Prophet, Fred Penner, Bruce Cockburn, Bryan Adams, Shaka Khan, Alice Cooper and many others.

Harrison Kennedy hails from Hamilton, Ontario and sings the blues. He has evolved into one of the most gifted singer/songwriters. His work has taken him to Detroit where he was a
member of the Detroit scene in the 1970's with the Chairman Of the Board on which he sang the blues rocket "I'm the chairman of the board."

Sharon Musgrave, was born in England of Dominican parents. She was raised in Canada where she has returned to live. She is a singer/songwriter whose work has been recognized by the Urban Music Association of Canada.

Anijye Myrie - 8 years of age, performed on the Djembe drum. She is a student at Ballet Creole where she is studying African drumming and contemporary dance.

Other entertainers were the Stewart Memorial Choir, Shyla Barnes, Michael Highgate, Heather Briggs, George Reid, Dorlis, Leo Johnson, Quinn Highgate,Winston Neale.

On a personal note, I was very honoured to be invited to this wonderful event and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Christian Horizons Zimbabwe project 2008

The Golden Singers
Two gracious and friendly women whose presence and hard work was appreciated by everybody!

A CD which could be purchased, all proceeds going to this project.

I loved this hand crafted doll with its crocheted body.

A pamphlet which describes the work of Christian Horizons. They work in the developing world as well as in Canada.

This poster explains about the project

Items for the silent auction and the live auction.

Garage sale items, many of which have been donated by St. John's Lutheran Church., Hamilton, Ontario.

Part of the silent auction to raise money. I bid on the picture of the cheetah? in the tree but lost out to someone else. Too bad. I liked it.

On November 22, 2008, Christian Horizons held a fund raising event to raise money to erect a dormitory in Zimbabwe for children with developmental disabilities.

This event was very well attended by a group of people who were obviously committed to giving a hand up to developing countries and their citizens. The Master of Ceremony for the evening was Scott Crawford. Music was a great part of the evening with performers such as Faith Simms, Tich, the Golden Singers, Jason Pluim and the Richer family and Andrew Ong.

Hosea Mpofu, who works in the Financial Department of Christian Horizons, gave a short talk about how the finances are handled at Christian Horizons.

Becki Pauls, gave a sponsorship presentation which was very well received and spoke of the need for more people to sponsor children who are waiting. Sponsorship is $31.00 a month and with this monthly help, the child will receive medical care, nutritious meals, attend school, obtain clothing and develop both spiritually and physically. For more information, please go to:

Not only was this a chance for people to learn more about Zimbabwe and meet people from there, it also was a great opportunity to enjoy snacks, listen to lovely music and mingle with other like-minded people.

Time, very well spent, in my opinion.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Arts Hamilton Literature Awards

Helen Kelly (right) - winner of the Short Story Article Non Fiction category. Her story is called "The Secret Life of Fairly Tale Characters."

Lawrence Hill, winner of the Non-fiction Book category. His book is called "The Deserter's Tale": the story of an ordinary soldier who walked away from the war in Iraq.

Jean Rae Baxter - winner of Young Adult Book category. Her book is called "The Way Lies North."

Joanna Lawson, winner of Poetry Book category. Her book is called "A Bundle Of Life."

Jeff Seffinga - winner of Individual poem category. His poem is called "Sandburg's Fog."

A small section of the delicious food to snack on. Provided by Mr. Ron Inc.

On Wednesday, November 26, 2008, Arts Hamilton and Mr. Ron Inc. presented the 16th Annual HAMILTON LITERATURE AWARDS. This year it was held at the Scottish Rite Club, a beautiful venue with historic significance.

Special thanks was given to the Arts Hamilton Literary Arts Program Committee which consists of Mary Anderson, Jean Rae Baxter, George Down, Susan Evans Shaw, Bill Manson, Wilma Seville, Maureen Whyte and Martha Jette.

The reception sponsor was MR. RON INC. who has graciously sponsored it in the past. Sponsors of the awards were also Hamilton Heritage Arts Inc, Seraphim Edition and Bryan Prince Bookseller.

An Artwalk video was shown to the audience of Rochester, New York's art walk. The King William Art walk will be designed "with the idea to foster, create and maintain through partnerships a designated urban art trail by connecting arts and cultural activity centres in the downtown core. The trail will create an animated pedestrian environment which will encourage increased exposure to a variety of artistic and cultural experiences. In addition, it will contribute to economic renewal through increased tourism and investment." The vision of this walk is "Art can be everywhere in urban environments, not just in concert halls, theatres, galleries and museums but literally, right on the street." A noble aspiration, to be sure.
The Awards program began with greetings from Susan Evans Shaw, the Co-chair, Literary Arts Program Commitee. Mr. Kevin Land, President of Arts Hamilton introduced Jane Allison, Manager Community Parnerships The Hamilton Spectator who was the Awards Program Emcee.
Among the presenters for the various awards were:
Jane Allison - Hamilton Spectator
Sophia Aggelonitis office - M.P.P. - Hamilton Mountain
Judy Santi-DeRubeis - Principal - Ste. Augustine Catholic Elementary School
Diane Eisenberger- City of Hamilton
Warwick Jones - Coppley Apparel Group
Carolyn Milne- Hamilton Community Foundation
and Debbie Rundle- Principal, Hamilton Central Public School
The evening, in spite of the inclement weather, was a success and authors, poets and friends of the Arts Community in Hamilton will look forward to next year's event with anticipation.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2008 City of Hamilton Arts Awards

Left photo: Wilma Seville, Arts Hamilton Literary Committee member. Tower Poetry Society- Secretary.
Right side: Jeff Seffinga, well known and respected poet and Editor-in-Chief of Tower Poetry Society's books. Editor of Serengetti Press, judge of several contests in the Hamilton area.

These are only pictures of two of the people who attended.

This event was extremely well attended by people from all walks of life. One could see people dressed up very nicely in their best finery as well as see people dressed the exact opposite.

The evening started off with The Michael Grieve Trio in the Webster Lounge. They provided background music while people helped themselves to food and drink.
Exquisite flower arrangements were provided by the Mohawk College Floral Techniques Program which added a lovely touch of elegance to the room.
Tea lights sheltered by glass containers added a touch of romance to the event. A Christmas tree in the corner, added a touch of the upcoming holiday season with its lights glowing on the tree.

The Awards programme started at 8 p.m. with the Master of Ceremonies Bob Bratina, Ward 2 Councillor fulfilling this role well. Mayor Fred Eisenberger also spoke, welcoming the audience. Other dignitaries also spoke on this auspicious occasion.
Awards were given out for the following:
Youth Award
Visual Arts
Lifetime Achievement.
Closing remarks were given by Bob Bratina. It was a very nice event to go to and I was happy to have been invited to this prestigious event.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas decorations in my building

This picture does not do justice to the lovely job that Marcel and Robert do decorating it each year! It is just gorgeous!
A view of part of the lobby, going into the other building which belongs to our complex.

A beautiful wreath over our mirror which is in the entrance hall.

Home Circle (W.M.S.) 130th anniversery

A few of the members who were able to be there on the Anniversary Sunday.
Left - Mrs. Dorothy Smith Right - Mrs. Rhona Harvey - President

The Home Circle at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church has been in existence for 130 years. The roots of the W.M.S. (Womens Missionary Society) date back to 1864 however.

The Presidents of this society are listed below with the dates of Presidency.

Mrs. Margaret Malloch 1878-1883

Mrs. Helen Watson 1885-1887

Mrs. Jessie McKellar 1928-1932

Miss Blanche Armstrong 1937-1939

Mrs. Jessie Whittington 1967-2000

Mrs. Rhonda Harvey - 2000 to present time.
The work that this ladies group does, includes giving money to held three children in the Sunday School go to camp, giving money to three young people to attend the Presbyterian Youth gathering in another city, and helping young people who attend Brock University. Their money is also used to help support the Christian Education's foster child in Central America.
This, of course, is only a snapshot of what the ladies have done and continue to do.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A cold November day - one of my poems

A Grey November Day

I’m feeling some dismay
it’s a grey November day

Howling winds assail my ears
almost bringing me to tears

Flags are flapping to and fro
it makes me shiver just to know

Freezing rain is on the way
Oh what pain I feel

The park looks so barren
no flowers, not even Rose of Sharon

Tree branches are bare
only a very few escape the windy air

Squirrels scurry around looking for food
to put away for a long interlude

Humans walk faster through the park
even though it’s not yet dark

Standing at my window looking out
it almost makes me pout!

It’s a cold November day
So glad I’m not out today.



A friend of mine has an excellent site which I would heartily recommend to anybody who loves poetry. He is a well known poet in Hamilton and surrounding areas and is the Editor-in-Chief of Tower Poetry publications.

I hope that you will enjoy reading his site and that you will return to mine and make comments when you visit it. I love to get the comments - it makes my day!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


In keeping with the theme of German baking, here is an old recipe I have for Marmorkuchen.
(Marble cake)



1 cup butter (can use margarine but better with butter)
4 separated eggs
1 & 3/4 cups white sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla
4 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking power
1 cup milk
2 tablespoons cocoa
3 tablespoons lemon or almond flouring
2 tablespoons white sugar again


1. Mix butter, egg yolks, sugar, vanilla, baking powder, milk and flour.

2. Beat egg whites with cocoa,lemon and the two teaspoons of sugar.

*Need to mix in two bowls. Line 1 for bowl 1. Line 2 for bowl 2

When thoroughly mixed, grease a bundt baking dish. Alternatively, pour one layer of white, then one layer of brown and so on until the batter is done.

Bake for 1 hour in an 350 degrees oven. It will be done when a knife comes out dry.

After this delectable cake is finished and cooled down, sprinkle white icing sugar on the top of it for a nice finishing touch. For a festive occasion, it is nice to put a coloured fluted serviette to match your linen table cloth in the center of the cake. It gives a splash of colour.

Delicious with filter coffee for an afternoon coffee party or a festive occasion among friends and family.


Monday, November 17, 2008

A Lutheran Church in Hamilton, Ontario

The City of Hamilton's recognition of the anniversary. St. John's will be having a bazaar to raise funds for its many good works that it does to help not only the community but also in other parts of the world. It will be Nov. 22, 2008 in the church hall. Hours: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
All welcome to come and taste good German baking, quality knitted or crocheted goods and other interesting things to buy. A good lunch can be purchased for $5.50 if one wishes to eat heartily.

For more information, please "google" St. John's Lutheran Church in Hamilton, Ontario.
This is a plaque in recognition of the 50th anniversary of St. Johannes Kirche (St. John's Church)

This certificate is in acknowledgement of the outreach programme of St. John's to street people and people on assistance. Church folk assist with this programme by making sandwiches, bringing in gently used clothing and in various other ways. McMaster University nursing students participate with their learned skills and are an integral part of the outreach programme.

One of the wall hangings in the church in the German language.

A shot of part of the altar. The flowers usually are donated in memory of loved ones.

This is a shot about half an hour before the English service started. Note the beauty of the middle of the alter area. It was painted by a German lady who had to return to Germany to be recognized as a painter. It is a very beautiful and restful image.

Pastor Frank Bahr is bilingual (German and English) and is new at St. John's. He and his wife, Pastor Astrid Schlueter are originally from Germany.

This is the front entrance to the church and the church hall. It is at Wilson and Hughson Streets in Downtown Hamilton.

This church's congregation is both German and English speaking. On a Sunday, it holds two services.

It is a warm and welcoming church where people are made to feel welcome.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

3rd blog on Santa Claus Parade

The jolly old fat man - Santa Claus

Hope you've been good, so that old St. Nick can bring you a present this year!

Otherwise, you might just find coal in your stocking!

Saying goodbye to the Santa Claus Parade for yet another year. Hope you've enjoyed seeing a few of the many pictures I took of this parade.

Polce on bikes - both Hamilton and Toronto have patrolling policemen on bikes, as well as cars, and motorcycles.

Santa Claus parade continued

The bus advertising the library, I think.

AScottish band.

In keeping with the Santa Claus parade and the Christmas colours, I am using the colour green to continue writing about the parade.

As I mentioned before, it was pouring rain through most of it and in spite of that, the parade went on!

Little children, bundled up, mothers and fathers sheltering their little ones with umbrellas, all were a part of the day.

Last year's parade was dry and really cold, so it is quite a contrast this year.

the Santa Claus Parade in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

A marching band, one of many, all played very well.

A Darts vehicle, decorated for the Festive Season. Darts is a wonderful service provided (at a price) to passengers who have mobility issues or other major problems with the health. They provide a very useful service and their drivers are courteous, kind and caring.

A float by the war amps, telling people to play safe.

This is one of the many floats which participated in this parade.

This waving gentleman, with his red jacket, santa hat, and red and blue striped umbrella added a bright note to the parade. He was part of the Waterfalls group who gave out information.

This decorated van is advertising Hamilton Waterfalls, as Hamilton is blessed with many beautiful waterfalls.

Today, the Santa Claus Parade was held in Downtown Hamilton, Ontario. Kitchener, Ontario also had a parade, but in the morning. Toronto, the capital city of Ontario, will hold their parade on Sunday afternoon tomorrow.

Here it began at 2 p.m. and ended a little before 4.