Monday, November 10, 2008

the heavy mist at Bayfront Park

The mist is slowly lifting in this picture. Observe the golden yellow leaves on the tree which are soon to join the others forming a carpet on the waiting ground.

The mist felt like it was enveloping me in a cold and clammy grip, as I walked along the paved walkway wondering who else was out there. Proceeding onward, I met a British couple who remarked that they felt right at home with this misty weather. We had a few pleasant words and they continued on their way as I went on mine. Presently, I saw a figure looming out of the heavy mist and a large shape beside him. As he approached, the figure beside him came into focuses and I realized that it was a huge dog, perhaps a great Dane or some other large breed. It turned out that this young fellow was a dog walker and came down each day to walk the dog for a friend. He said that he gets plenty of exercise by walking dogs and he certainly had a way with that particular dog. We parted, after a few minutes of chatting, he and the dog to continue their walk and me to continue mine!

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annaken said...

It was really nice walking in the fog that day. With my vivid imagination, I could just visualize Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson down there sleuthing for clues. I actually met a lovely English couple walking there and we joked about that. Quite a nice experience. I had never been there in such a heavy mist so it was a new experience for me.