Saturday, November 15, 2008

3rd blog on Santa Claus Parade

The jolly old fat man - Santa Claus

Hope you've been good, so that old St. Nick can bring you a present this year!

Otherwise, you might just find coal in your stocking!

Saying goodbye to the Santa Claus Parade for yet another year. Hope you've enjoyed seeing a few of the many pictures I took of this parade.

Polce on bikes - both Hamilton and Toronto have patrolling policemen on bikes, as well as cars, and motorcycles.


princess-anna said...

It is so fun to go to the santa clause parades every year and see the little children having so much fun. Billy and I had fun at one in our city too

annaken said...

Yes, Princess Anna, it is fun and I never like to miss the parade. Am very glad that you and Billy went to the parade in Kitchener.

Pete said...

When youmentioned goodbye to Santa I looked at the picture and thought the patti wagon was an ambulance. Then I looked again and saw it was a police van. It's not cold there yet is it?

annaken said...

No, it is a vehicle to transport prisoners to court appearance etc. etc. Police vehicle.

Shawn Michel de Montaigne said...

Very nice!

It's odd, living here in Southern California and being from Colorado, to see Palm trees and surfers at Christmas. But that's reality in this part of the world.

Hope you're doing well!