Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Princess Point - Nov. 4/08

Blue wild flowers still grow at the side of the paved path in spite of the November date!
These hardy flowers can be seen flourishing in several patches along the waterfront. Their vivid colours unfaded, brightening the area where they bloom. A little bit like people who bloom, in spite of the odds, and brighten up other people's lives just by being there!

I am new at "Blogging" and still at the learning stage, so I hope that you will understand if I don't have it one hundred percent perfect.

I want to add pictures and put little remarks under them. However, they always seem to go above the writing and I cannot figure out how to arrange the pictures the way I want them to go.

This picture on the left side is of one of the many splendid views at Princess Point. Today, the water was calm, without even a ripple in it. The bushes near the water's edge are slowly dying as it is November. If you click on the picture, it will enlarge and you can see a better view of it.

That is all for now, will write some more tomorrow about Princess Point.


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Pete said...

Looks very peaceful to me.