Friday, November 14, 2008

Wilma's Poetry Nook

Dear Readers of this Blog:

First of all, thank you for reading this little blog. I hope that you are enjoying it.

Just to add a little variety, I have decided to add some of my published poems.

The history of this poem is quite amusing. Read the poem first and then read the explanation. Hope it brings a smile to your face and you can relate to it!

A lick and a Promise

Finger prints on bathroom mirror
water marks on tiled floor
the hiss of Windex on paper towel
a wipe, a swipe - and all is right.

The old wet mop dragged from hiding
to perform its mighty job
the smell of pine now scents the air
a rub, a scrub - the task is done

Feather duster at the ready
dust bunnies skulk and hide
taunting me to catch them
A whoosh, a swoosh – chores are done.


Published March 2008
ISSN 1496-3175 PrintISSN 1496-3183 Online.
It is quite an amusing story really. I was visiting my publisher in Toronto when a request came from a University Professor for an interview. Although the home was quite neat already, we both became like little butterflies, flitting here and there, shining up surfaces, dusting all seen surfaces etc. etc.
The interview went very well and later on down the road, I was able to interview this lady professor about a book she is writing. She was and still is, a delightful person, easy to talk to and a very deep thinker.
That is the history of this poem!
Hope you enjoyed it!

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