Monday, November 10, 2008

Bayfront Park, Blog 3

This wonderful old tree, is near the boat ramp. It is a great place to take pictures of dear friends and family members. In some ways, this tree is weathered and wrinkled like a very old person and reminds me of the strength and inner power of the human race to survive, in spite of serious obstacles such as illness, wars, problems with the economy and lack of harmony in this world. In my view, we need to be like this tree, standing up tall and holding our own as life throws its many curves at us. We can learn a lot from nature!
This is a view which shows a little section of the Marina. Note the carpet of leaves which cover the ground, and the bare trees which dip towards the water. Nature is preparing for winter as these shots were taken.

These ducks deserve equally billing. After all, they are residents of this wonder park as well!
These swans are busy grooming as if to get ready for their picture taking!

One finds many graceful swans at Bayfront Park as well as ducks in its waters.
These two fellows came quite close as if to invite the photographer to snap them!
Naturally, I obliged as they are such graceful creatures.

This is a closer look of the ramp that leads into the water for the boats.
The boat launch at Bayfront Park. In the summer, one frequently sees all manners of boats being loaded off cars and gently placed into the water. It is a very interesting sight to watch the various types of boats that launch here. It is also a lovely spot to have a picnic when one cannot walk too far into the park due to mobility issues. My Danish friend cannot walk far and when she and my Salvadorean friends come from Toronto, we always picnic there. This spot reminds her of Denmark where her elder brother used to live.

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annaken said...

Now that the cold weather has arrived here in Hamilton, Ontario, it is wonderful to look back on my pictures at Bayfront Park and remember the good times down there with friends.

Photos are good to jog people's memories, aren't they?