Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hamilton General Hospital

I took this shot on McNabb street on the way to take the No. 2 bus to the hospital. Please note the yellow fish and the yellow round circle. It is to remind citizens not to put garbage down the drain system. Quite a neat idea!

I hope eventually to show more of wonderful Hamilton in the days to come as it is a great place to live and to visit if you are far away. We have waterfalls galore, lovely waterfront parks, historical buildings and lots of good shopping. Come and visit sometime!
Most Hamilton H.S.R. buses are wheelchair accessible, thus enabling people in wheelchairs, scooters and walkers easy access to transportation. There is a special section in the bus where wheelchairs and scooters can be seat belted in and be safe. In Hamilton, people who use wheelchairs, walkers and scooters ride free of charge! Hamilton also has DARTS and Taxi Script for those who have issues with mobility. In my view, Hamilton, for that reason alone, is a great place to live! DARTS and Taxi Script customers pay for their transport. Taxi Script is partially subsidized by the City of Hamilton. DARTS you pay the full fare.

All services provide a very useful service to people with disabilities.

Inside a Hamilton Street Railway bus. (H.S.R.). This service is at the present time buses only but there is a very good possibility that it will change in the near future.

One catches the No. 2 Barton bus to go to the Hamilton General Hospital. This bus platform is at McNabb and Main.

This picture shows people where to go for the care they need. Hamilton Health Sciences are teaching hospitals for McMaster Medical Students.

Regretfully, I did not fix this shot before putting it on the blog. sorry about that! Have no idea how to fix it on the blog.

A shot taken inside the hospital.

This is a view of the Emergency entrance, ambulances bring people from all over Hamilton and area here.

Our ambulances here in Hamilton. They are staffed by paramedics who are well trained and efficient.
I couldn't resist taking this picture of the Ontario Patient Transfer ambulance. I have had several trips in these vans and the young people that work in them are absolutely great! Not only are they efficient but they are lots of fun as well!

This sign is close to the walkway which takes peoople up to the main door of the hospital.

This is a general view of the entrance of the hospital as seen from the other side of the street.
The Hamilton General Hospital is located at Victoria and Barton in an older section of the city. It is the Cardiac care center for this region. It also cares for patients with other types of problems.


princess-anna said...

You did a great job of telling what you saw and you decribed it well.

I like everything I read and saw

annaken said...

Thank you, Princess-Anna, you are very kind with your comments.