Saturday, November 15, 2008

the Santa Claus Parade in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

A marching band, one of many, all played very well.

A Darts vehicle, decorated for the Festive Season. Darts is a wonderful service provided (at a price) to passengers who have mobility issues or other major problems with the health. They provide a very useful service and their drivers are courteous, kind and caring.

A float by the war amps, telling people to play safe.

This is one of the many floats which participated in this parade.

This waving gentleman, with his red jacket, santa hat, and red and blue striped umbrella added a bright note to the parade. He was part of the Waterfalls group who gave out information.

This decorated van is advertising Hamilton Waterfalls, as Hamilton is blessed with many beautiful waterfalls.

Today, the Santa Claus Parade was held in Downtown Hamilton, Ontario. Kitchener, Ontario also had a parade, but in the morning. Toronto, the capital city of Ontario, will hold their parade on Sunday afternoon tomorrow.

Here it began at 2 p.m. and ended a little before 4.

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