Monday, November 10, 2008

Last blog on Bayfront

I noticed this stone with its engraving - if I am remembering correctly, it has something to do with Japan and Hamilton. However, I am not sure of that point.

On that note, this blog on Bayfront Park in the Fall season will end. It is a beautiful spot for people to come and spend the day, bring a picnic lunch and a thermos of coffee or tea and just rest and rejuvenate. Hamilton has done a marvelous job with its waterfront.

As I was almost out of the park, I observed a mother and her toddler sitting on the wooden wall watching the ducks. Not wishing to intrude, I took a snap shot of the little one's carriage. Please note the wonderful puppet doll at the top of the carriage. The little girl was all dressed in a pink hand made knitted outfit and I would have loved to take a shot, but felt it might be an intrusion. It was a wonderful time to sit on the bench near them, and listen to them chatter away like two little magpies. A good memory for the little girl was made that day. May she have many more such good times with her Mom! Such a memory will last for a lifetime.

A tree with two birds nests in it. Squirrels also run up this tree as they do all trees and I even saw a lovely little chipmunk scurry by as it ran off in fright, not realizing that he was not in any danger from me. A picture of winter to come.

Parking lot at Bayfront Park. It is free parking and there is plenty of it. There also is a section reserved just for boat trailers

Another example of our wonderful Canadian Fall season.

Beauty is seen in the shape of this tree and the various shades of colour in the smaller trees.

Nature gives us so much to admire and to be thankful for in all seasons, but, in particular in the Fall when the leaves change into various hues of colour. It is wonderful to live in a country where we have four seasons, each season with its own special blessings.

A cozy carpet of yellow leaves, blanket the ground at Bayfront Park. What fun it would be to pile them up and jump in them. Ah, the ever present child in me, might have done it if there was nobody around! Alas, there were other people about and I missed my opportunity!

Woman, walking her dog at Bayfront.
Bye this time, the fog had lifted and the sun had started to shine. I had made my way back towards the yacht club.


Shawn Michel de Montaigne said...

Incredibly beautiful.

I'm grateful for your blog. Truth is, I'd never heard of Hamilton before I chanced across it. Please keep this project up!

Hope all is well with you this week--

RosaMaría said...

Hermosas Fotos: Felicitaciones

annaken said...

I am so very happy to know that you are enjoying my little blog. I am a writer but retired now so can write what I please, when I please! It is a great deal of fun for me to do this blog. I think Hamilton's waterfront is wonderful

annaken said...

Gracias, Senora,

Yo no puedo hablar much espanol, pero yo contento que los photographia doy much alegra a usted!

Sujeong said...

Beautiful landscape.
I like to go out for a walk to park near my home, too.
It is fine weather to enjoy walking!:D

RosaMaría said...

Gracias por tu mensaje. Un abrazo.

RosaMaría said...

1 ar ago...excusme... congratulacion for new are.
2011 happy, for you and family.
excusme for bad english.