Monday, November 10, 2008

Bayfront Park - Blog 2

I find this chain on this gorgeous rock a sad commentary on life in the big city. Should we need to chain up things in order to keep them safe? Once, we could leave our doors unlocked in Canada but not any more' What has become of our respect for the law? What has become of our respect for our neighbour's property? All these questions come to my mind as I look at this chained up rock. Are we not all, in a sense, chained to fear and uncertainty, in these turbulent times? In my view, I would like to see us renew our faith in God and country and see us turn around this mad dash for material goods and power.
This stone has always interested me, wondering where it came from and its history. I will put another picture of it in a minute.

I found this an interesting shot, of these huge bolders piled one upon the other and the brave little vine growing between the boulders. It was a splash of colour and to me. I personally love rocks and stones and find them beautiful in their own way. The light gleaming on specks of minerals has always fascinated me.

This is a lovely spot just to sit and contemplate nature in all its beauty. At this time of year, the leaves are almost gone but nevertheless, there remains a different kind of beauty in its starkness.

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